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Winter Sports Pack

January 23, 2019 HITMAN, News

The Winter Sports Pack is here and marks the first content release for the HITMAN 2: Expansion Pass. Embrace the cold with the Winter Sports Suit and add 4 brand new items to your inventory; the Quickdraw, Snowball, Piton, Arctic Tool Box and the Winter Sports Suit! If you’ve always wanted to throw a snowball in Miami, now’s your chance!

The Winter Sports Pack will be available at no additional cost for owners of the HITMAN 2: Expansion Pass or HITMAN 2: Expansion Pack 1 and is not currently available for individual sale. You’ll need to download the pack from your platform store and then you’ll find the items in your inventory.

The Winter Sports Pack includes these 5 brand new items:

  • Quickdraw: Climbing gear which can double as a fiber wire in tight situations.
  • Snowball: A ball made of snow. Can be thrown at anyone to really annoy them.
  • Piton: Metal spike used for climbing. Sharp enough to use as a lethal weapon.
  • Arctic Tool Box: A toolbox for the arctic climate. Can be used to hide illegal items.
  • Winter Sports Suit: A tight-fitting, multi-colored thin sweater with matching dark grey cargo pants featuring reinforced knees. Neoprene-laced gloves and a matching canteen ensures you will fit right in at any ski-themed event.

More content for the HITMAN 2: Expansion Pass will be released throughout 2019, including a brand new location, missions, Sniper Assassin maps, outfits and weapons. Our dedicated game website gives a closer look at the content that’s coming in each edition of the game. Whilst we’re not ready yet to share major details of the next Expansion Pass content release, we aren’t too far off so stay tuned for full details in the coming weeks!

One final thing! In early January, we added the Collector’s Pack content into the Expansion Pass and Gold Edition. Make sure to check your platform store and get access to the Midnight Black Suit and Concussive Rubber Duck Explosive if you own either of those!

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