Welcoming New Talent

to Copenhagen, Malmo and Barcelona

Welcoming New Talent

August 3, 2021 IOI Studio

We are excited to welcome all of the new people who are now contributing to making impactful games here with us at IO Interactive. Over the course of the past six months, we’re happy to have talented people joining us from all over the world; from Mexico to New Dehli and Barcelona to the USA and beyond.

We’re humbled to welcome the new talent who will make our worlds come to life. We can’t wait to get to know all of you better and see the impact you will have on our ongoing projects and universes; Hitman, Project 007 and an unannounced new IP. All three of our studios in Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona are treated as Elite studios and all have a significant and impactful role to play in creating phenomenal experiences for our players and communities.

Please join us in welcoming Anton, Anna, David, Joshua, Bruno, Eloy, Emanuele, Fatih, Ricardo, Milan, Marlon, Lucas, Casper and Diego – our newest programmers, producers, artists, designers, writers, QA, HR and animators – plus all of the amazing vibes that they are all bringing!

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