The Undying - World Record

Congratulations Mendietinha

The Undying – World Record

June 24, 2019 HITMAN, News

We’re excited to announce that HITMAN 2 will feature in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020 with two full pages dedicated to our beloved series, including records from our previous titles. The latest edition of the world’s best-selling gaming annual from the global authority of record breaking will be be available in September 2019 and feature the latest and greatest records from hundreds of games.

Today, we are happy to announce just one of the records that you can read about later this year. Mendietinha, a well-known Hitman community member, will be officially recognised as a Guinness World Records™ Title holder for his completion of HITMAN 2’s first Elusive Target; ‘The Undying’. An official certificate and a copy of the book will be sent out to Brazil for Mendie when it is released later this year.

We’re very happy to be the first to say – CONGRATULATIONS MENDIE!
You can send your own messages of congratulations his way on Twitter or Twitch.

Mendie eliminated Mark Faba, completed the contract in 38 seconds and managed to earn the coveted Silent Assassin rating, whilst also exiting the mission in style; riding on the back of a dolphin whilst dressed as a clown. All in all, it was a creative and fast completion that couldn’t be bested on any platform.

The Undying was the first Elusive Target for HITMAN 2 and included the talents of Hollywood actor Sean Bean in the role of Mark Faba. Elusive Targets are time-limited, high pressure contracts where players only have one chance to perform and death is permanent – for both the target and Agent 47. During the contracts activation period of 10 days, starting on November 20, Mendie topped the PC leaderboard and had the fastest time across all available platforms.

Here’s exactly how Mendie managed to complete his successful playthrough:

We would also like to acknowledge that this record is specifically for the first Elusive Target for HITMAN 2 titled ‘The Undying’. Since this record was formalised, we have released another Elusive Target titled ‘The Undying Returns’, which has been completed in 26 seconds. Whilst the contracts are similar, the HITMAN 2 entries for the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020 are focused on the original ‘The Undying’ contract.

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