HITMAN arrives on STADIA

A World of Assassination

HITMAN arrives on STADIA

July 14, 2020 HITMAN, HITMAN 3, IOI Studio, News

Update (September 9th)
: Hey! Thanks for clicking through from Hitman.com. Stadia pre-orders for HITMAN 3 are now available. Pre-order now via Stadia Store.

We’re excited to announce that the World of Assassination trilogy is coming to Stadia.

The news was just announced via July’s Stadia Connect, where we debuted our Stadia Announcement Trailer. Enjoy it and read on for more details!

Stadia players can look forward to getting started with HITMAN on September 1st , when HITMAN 1 will be available free in Stadia Pro. On the same date, HITMAN 2 will also be added to the service and available for purchase. Finally, HITMAN 3 arrives in January 2021 to complete the trilogy.

The immediacy and convenience of Stadia allows us to put all three games seamlessly in one place for the first time. To help us achieve that, we’re introducing HITMAN: World of Assassination, your hub for all things HITMAN on Stadia.

When you buy or redeem any of the three games from the trilogy on Stadia, they’ll be added to HITMAN: World of Assassination. You won’t need to download anything or import locations. It just works.

Playing HITMAN on Stadia will unlock unique item variants, one for each game. The remote rubber duck explosive for HITMAN 1 and white briefcase for HITMAN 2 can be seen in the Stadia Announcement trailer. Playing on HITMAN 3 will unlock a unique suit that is certain to impress at any formal gathering. The suit can’t be seen in the trailer and we’ll share it with our Stadia players soon!

We look forward to welcoming new players to the World of Assassination in September!

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