Season of Wrath

Anger Management

Season of Wrath

October 26, 2021 HITMAN 3

The Season of Wrath storms into HITMAN 3 on October 26 and brings the Seven Deadly Sins campaign to a close with an almighty firefight.

In the seventh and final act, you must go deep into the mind of an angry Agent 47 to plan, adapt and survive against relentless enemies. You’ll need to be faster and smarter to outmanoeuvre your opponents and unlock firepower of your own to turn the tables of the attack. It’s Dartmoor by night and if you come out on top, you’ll unlock new sin-themed items and a suit for your permanent inventory.

Seven Deadly Sins - Act 7: Wrath


The final act of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign is based around the sin of Wrath, so buckle up for a grand finale that will test your survival skills and decision-making prowess. You’ll need to defend the manor (and yourself) against enemies that will stop at nothing.

The Wrath Termination Escalation takes place in a night-time version of Dartmoor, where you’ll embark on three stages of increasingly difficult combat against ruthless enemies. The action is strategic but intense and the enemies are heavily armed and increasingly difficult to take down. If you survive, you’ll be able to unlock firepower of your own to get an advantage.

Of course, this Escalation is also where you’ll unlock new sin-themed content to add to your inventory and use across the World of Assassination.

Hitman Halloween: The Mill's Reverie



On October 26, Halloween will start in HITMAN 3 and it’s the start of a never-ending nightmare for Orson, a well-known character from HITMAN 2’s opening mission. In the Mills Reverie Escalation, you will infiltrate his dreams and make it a night to forget for the forgotten man of Hawke’s Bay.

Over three ever-complex stages, you’ll progress through an Escalation that will constantly challenge your expectations. Make it through all of the stages and the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken are yours to keep.

The Mills Reverie Escalation will be available between October 26 – November 29 for all Free Starter Pack players and permanently available for all HITMAN 3 owners.

The Rage: Chongqing Elusive Target



The next HITMAN 3 Elusive Target takes Agent 47 back to Chongqing for a time-limited challenge. It’s the first Elusive Target in Chongqing – and it packs a punch!

Your target’s codename is ‘The Rage’ and they’ve arrived in Chongqing but might not hang around for too long. He’s a former middleweight champion who’s on the run for taking one fight too far. He didn’t get the nickname ‘Crusher’ for no reason, so make sure you’re on your toes for this one.

You’ll have 10 days, starting on October 29 and as always, watch the briefing closely and pick your moment to strike.

Location Rotation: Hokkaido



The Location Rotation swings into gear for another season and gives all players the chance to enjoy a much-loved location from the World of Assassination. This time around, it’s the final location from HITMAN 1 and a fan-favourite level.

Get ready to check in at the hyper-exclusive GAMA facility and enjoy everything that Hokkaido has to offer for 10 days. From the hot springs, to yoga and even some life-saving surgery. There’s something for everyone at the location that holds many secrets.

Revist it now with all of the weaponry and items that you’ve unlocked through your career and try to top your high score on Doki Doki Pow Pow. Good luck.

The Fugitive: Hokkaido Elusive Target



Whilst your in Hokkaido, why not hang around long enough for the arrival of another Elusive Target; The Fugitive, who takes being elusive to another level.

Elusive Targets give you no mini map, no instinct and no second chances. They’re even harder when your target is undergoing facial reconstruction surgery! Bring all of your Hokkaido mastery and know-how for this ultimate Hitman challenge. Collect clues as you go and discover which patient is your target before making your move.

Find the right target, get out alive and you’ll be able to leave Hokkaido with your robe the White Yukata.

Featured Contracts by IO Interactive



After a successful debut in the Season of Envy, IO Interactive are stepping up to the plate once again to create Wrath-inspired contracts for the Season of Wrath. The Featured Contracts will be added to the game for all players to experience.

Just like last season, three IOI developers will be creating one contract each based on their own preferences and interpretations of Wrath. We’ll share details about their contracts – and how they went about creating them – closer to the time of their release.

Look out for the three contracts in-game on November 18.

Featured Contracts by the Hitman Community


Right off the back of the first batch of Featured Contracts this month, comes another one from the Hitman Community. Their creativity and enginuity knows no bounds, but this month they’ll be encouraged to unleash the firepower or get spooky with Wrath or Halloween-themed contracts.

HITMAN 3 Featured Contracts also come with milestone rewards, offering unique, fun and themed items to expand your arsenal in new ways. This batch of contracts will take the total available past 70, which will trigger another unlock that will be added to the game.

For this milestone, it’s a long-requested unlock that’s available for everyone who hits the magic number of 70.

Featured Contracts Unlock: Professional Screwdriver



Complete Featured Contracts and get rewarded. It’s been that way for a while and the Season of Wrath is no different. You’ve already looked at the glorious image of the Professional Screwdriver, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

For many players, this is the final piece of the puzzle and the chance to complete the set; you’ve got the briefcase, wrench, measuring tape and hobby knife. Now it’s time for the screwdriver – a simple tool but deadly in the right hands.

It’s also a very powerful item that allows you a myriad of gameplay opportunites throughout the World of Assassination.

Polar Survival Suit


The Season of Wrath brings a new challenge, with a new unlock. In early November, the Polar Survival Suit will get it’s moment to shine.

First introduced in the Crime and Punishment Sniper Assassin mission, HITMAN 3 players now have the chance to bring 47 down from the snowy mountains and into the other locations from the World of Assassination whilst being fully protected against the cold. You never know when a coldsnap might arrive in Sapienza.

The Polar Survival Suit is the reward for completing a brand new challenge in Hokkaido. If you’ve got it in you to become an Ice Cold Cowboy, you’ll have the Polar Survival Suit in your inventory as of November 4. It’s that simple.

HITMAN 3 - Season of Wrath

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