A Hitman Expanded Universe Story


December 21, 2017 HITMAN

Overachievers is an expanded universe story written by HITMAN’s Lead Writer, Michael Vogt.

As an expanded universe story, Overachievers is a stand-alone tale, taking place within the context of the HITMAN universe. The team of writers at IOI write short stories like this as a way to explore different themes, genres and scenarios that are not normally part of the game’s experience, sort of like fan-fiction.

This is usually an internal exercise but we’ve chosen to share Overachievers today as it ties in nicely with Christmas and we think that there are many of you out there that would enjoy reading it, perhaps as you travel during the holiday period.

The short story focuses on the events of a Christmas party for a social media company. The youthful CEO has just taken to the stage…

Read the full story in PDF format by clicking here or on the image below.

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