Johan Malmlöf

Junior QA Specialist

Quick Questions

PC or console?

PC. I kinda miss the old console wars, but more and more games are available for PC, and it’s easier.

Go-to karaoke song:

Brev från kolonin” by Cornelis Vreeswijk. It’s written as a letter from a kid who’s at summer camp. 

Favorite Hitman map and why:

In a way I’d have to say Haven Island because that’s the first map I worked on (that gym music is forever stuck in my head). But I am also a fan of Colorado, even though it started out as my least favourite map. 

Meal that reminds you of growing up

Coeur de filet Provencale. It’s basically a big piece of beef, thinly sliced potatoes, herb butter and A LOT of garlic. 

Your secret superpower?

I can fall asleep basically anywhere, at any time. 

The most and least favorite item on your desk?

My favourite thing is most likely the poop emoji shaped stress ball I got for secret santa. I’ve squeezed it so much that it’s started to leak its gooey fluid. 
My least favourite is probably the controller to my HDMI switch, because I keep losing it, it’s so small. 

Something you wish you knew more about.

Basically anything. I love learning new stuff. But I think being better at maths generally is something I’d like. 

Recommend three books, games or movies!

Three games:
1. A Hat in Time 
2. Superliminal 
3. Mutant: Year Zero – Road To Eden

Deeper Questions

What do you do at IOI?

I am QA. So, I make sure that whatever the developers push out works as intended, and if it doesn’t, I send it back. I also send out fun facts every morning.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am overall a huge nerd when it comes to anything that I can learn and do. I love learning new things all the time and can never go half-heartedly into something. That means that I one time had 17 different kinds of pickled ginger in my fridge and 27 pots of plants in my apartment. One summer I had seven kinds of basil and six kinds of tomatoes that needed watering about three times a day to survive. I am an avid football fan who follow my local team Malmö FF as much as I can (*cough* 12/12-19 *cough*). Outside of work and football I like spending my time cooking, baking and making cocktails.

What's your daily source of inspiration?

Most likely my parents and my coworkers.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Being able to see the result we put forward for our fans makes me want to do the beset job possible. And to prove to myself that I can improve every day.

What projects do you work on outside of work?

I am a board member of the Malmö beer association where we arrange festivals, tastings and travels to different cities and breweries. I am also a board member of the official Malmö FF supporter organization.

What's your most memorable IOI moment?

There are many, many memorable moments, but the release of HITMAN 3 after working with it from the beginning was a big moment. The events and things we have together done as co-workers are memories, I’m very fond of. 

What's the best bit of advice you've ever been given?

In Swedish we have a saying – “Sitt ner I båten”. It translates to “Sit down in the boat” and means to not rock the boat and risk either falling out of the boat yourself or tipping it over completely. 

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