Alina Maria Quentmeier

Junior QA Specialist

Quick Questions

PC or console?


Go-to karaoke song:

Baka Mitai (Yakuza minigames all the way!)

Favorite Hitman map and why:

The bank level in New York. It’s amazing how it feels you indeed just stepped off the streets of this bustling metropolis into this quieter corner of New York. The level is big, but not overwhelming, love it! Also that big clock opportunity is just amazingly teased, set up and the execution feels very satisfying. 

Meal that reminds you of growing up

Broccoli, meatballs, and sauce hollandaise (didn’t care for it as a child, love it as an adult)

Your secret superpower?

My observational skill

The most and least favorite item on your desk?

My favourite item is my definitely my Mêlée Island™ coaster, my least favourite item is any cable that happens to be on it. 

Something you wish you knew more about.

Oh man, where to start? Probably art in general and pixel art especially.

Recommend three books, games or movies!

The ultimate retro Point and Click games recommendation: 
1. Grim Fandango
2. Riven
3. Broken Sword – The Shadow of the Templars (don’t play the Director’s Cut, try to get a hold of the original version!)

Deeper Questions

What do you do at IOI?

I’m a QA tester on Project 007.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I love hiking, playing (story driven) video games, and learning new things. I hate dishonesty, waiting at traffic lights or public transport stations, and mediocre food. 

What's your daily source of inspiration?

It is super cheesy, but my colleagues’ passion.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love bringing order to chaos. Sorting all the issues into digestible chunks is very satisfying to me.

What projects do you work on outside of work?

I’m creating my own Point and Click Adventure game. I’m also crocheting a patchwork sweater.

What's your most memorable IOI moment?

The fact that everybody wanted to help me out when I had trouble with my new flat. That was really heartwarming and indicative of the IOI spirit.

What's the best bit of advice you've ever been given?

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde 
I have been given that piece of advice in one form or another by many people, but when you can quote Oscar Wilde, you have to, right? 

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