IOI Malmö

Walk 5 minutes from our Copenhagen studio to the nearest station, and get on a train. 30 minutes later you crossed the mighty Öresund Bridge and arrived in Malmö, Sweden. This is the home of our second studio, a new step that opens the gates to even more possibilities, communities and talented people.


We'll help you relocate to Malmö

We are looking for the best talent, no matter where in the world. That is why we will help you relocate without the hassle, no matter if you make the move on your own or with your spouse or family. If you live outside of Sweden, we offer a relocation package to help you get settled in and not worry about practicalities:

  • VISA support
  • Our relocation company will take care of your paperwork for working in Sweden.
  • Help finding you find an apartment, set up meetings with rental companies, and check the lease contract. Full support from start to key handover.
  • Tax office registration
  • Finding a bank and setting up a bank account
  • Social insurance application

Benefits as an employee:

  • Pension Scheme – 5,5% on top of salary
  • Private healthcare insurance with a case-only fee
  • 6 weeks yearly vacation on top of national holidays, and vacation in advance in the first year of employment
  • Working hours are flexible and if you have to run errands, have personal or family matters to deal with before or after work, you can take the time and recover that time another day, at your own call.
  • Having children? We love IOI babies!
    • You get 480 days of parental leave with approximately 80% of your pay (with a cap) to be split between new parents
    • 120 days/year of taking care of a sick child at 80% pay
  • Wellness allowance of 3000 SEK/year

Office fun:

  • Snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea and a lot of fika cake.
  • Gaming lounge with consoles, PCs, VR, Oculus Rift etc. and a large game library. Employees can also borrow games from our large library of games.
  • Christmas and Summer parties
  • Party committee who organize themed parties, movie nights and gaming competitions.
  • Board game nights.
  • Every Friday is Friday bar.
  • Engaged game development community in DevHub
  • Access to free and cool events with Game Habitat

Game and tech hub

The Game Assembly in Malmö is the second-best gaming education in the world. Coupled with the brilliant minds of the neighboring Lund University, the game development scene has taken off big time in Malmö. There is a strong game community, and we all know what that means: conferences, learning opportunities, talks, events, parties, social clubs, and generally a lot of ways to meet people from the same niche as you, make friends and build a social circle. Feeling like you belong is something we know is important for the place you’re looking to move in to. Malmö does that tenfold: makes game developers, from any corner of the world, feel like home.

Like a holiday town, but cooler

This quaint city, with its cobbled stones, old architecture, huge parks and harbor, carries the vibe
of a holiday town. Due to its progressive industries and multicultural talent,

Malmö is also home to a vibrant art scene. Music, Swedish design,
hip fashion brads and art galleries turn this city into much more than meets the eye.
Bistros and small cafes are coloring the city, being also
home to more than 450 restaurants, Michelin and all. You can explore it all by foot, bike or even kayak.


International, buzzing with diversity

Because of its advanced tech and game development industries, Malmo gathered a melting pot of talented internationals from over 180 nationalities. English is your one and only need to get by, but if you wish to learn Swedish, the city offers a lot of options. Moreover, being a multicultural city also means Malmö has an abundance of art, music and culinary experiences.

Family and work-life balance

Malmö embraces an environmentally clean style of living, whether it comes from responsible recycling, green transportation or simply the innate Nordic mindset for sustainability.

With a smart and efficient infrastructure, Malmö makes it easy to get around and arrive in no-time at our studio, located at DevHub, in the city center.

The social and work safety, flexible work hours and many weeks of vacation make Malmö a place where your family can prosper and give you the peace of mind in order to enjoy your career at IOI.

One bridge between two studios

A 30-minute train ride away is our Copenhagen studio, where you can always come by for collaboration and hanging out with your colleagues.