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IOI Malmö

January 16, 2019 News

Welcome to Malmö, Sweden.

IOI Malmö is a brand new studio in Sweden that will improve the creative and publishing output of IO Interactive. The new studio opened its doors in January 2019 and immediately began work on continuing the success of HITMAN 2, which had released a few months prior. The new studio was opened to strengthen IO Interactive’s commitment to deliver exceptional content to the HITMAN franchise, community and all our fans – but also with an eye to the future.

With the studios in Copenhagen and Malmö working simultaneously on the same projects, IOI is able to expand its creativity and vision for creating exciting new endeavours and universes. It was a natural choice to expand IO Interactive in Sweden because of the close geographical links, but also because of the bustling game development scene that already exists in Malmö.

Since opening in early 2019, IOI Malmö can already list HITMAN 2, HITMAN 3 and the recently announced Project 007 on its portfolio of projects. Of course, Project 007 hasn’t released yet but work is ongoing in Malmö (and Copenhagen) and we’re currently recruiting top talent from around the world to join us to build out the very first James Bond origin story. Take a look at our current open positions if that sounds interesting to you.

IOI Malmö is located in the city centre as part of Dev Hub, a community-focused coworking and office building for game developers. We occupy the entire top two floors of the building and have already made the space our own. Equally, the unique set up of the building means that we’re able to easily meet and socialise with other creative minds and developers. A perfect blend.

As a city, Malmö embraces an environmentally clean style of living, whether it comes from responsible recycling, green transportation or simply the innate Nordic mindset for sustainability.

Because of its advanced tech and game development industries, Malmö is a melting pot of talented internationals from over 180 nations. As a multicultural city, Malmö has an abundance of art, music and culinary experiences.

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