IOI x Intel

A Partnership for PC

IOI x Intel

November 23, 2020 HITMAN, HITMAN 3, IOI Studio, News

We’re happy and excited to announce that we are partnering with Intel to provide the best possible performance and optimization for our PC players in HITMAN 3.

Together with Intel, we are working to optimize the game for launch and beyond, with updates, tweaks and improvements coming throughout 2021 that will improve the experience of playing on a high-end PC and multi-core CPUs.

These optimizations include enhancing HITMAN 3 for PC players with 8+ core CPUs, for example you’ll be able to spot more crowds in Dubai or experience more complex destructibility in Dartmoor. We’re also introducing Variable Rate Shading (VRS), a technique that allows us to prioritize GPU resources where they have the biggest impact. On top of that, we will also implement Ray Tracing after the launch of the game, later in 2021.

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Intel and look forward to sharing more details of what PC players can look forward to with HITMAN 3.

This month, we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Hitman franchise and the release of Codename 47. Back in 2000, Agent 47’s journey began and it’s a significant moment for us as a studio to reach this milestone. Codename 47 was one of the most technologically advanced games for its time, with techniques for ragdoll physics and animation that were on the cutting edge of what was possible. The roots of IOI lie deep within developing technology, and we continue to create our games on our own proprietary Glacier engine. That’s just as true today as it was back then.

Stay tuned for more HITMAN 3 announcements coming this month, and remember to share your #Hitman20Years moments with us on social media to be part of celebrating two decades of Agent 47.

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