The Politician

Hawke's Bay

HITMAN 2 – Elusive Target: The Politician

March 7, 2019 HITMAN, News

The clock is ticking… Get ready for the next Elusive Target in HITMAN 2 – The Politician! She will be in Hawke’s Bay for 10 days starting on March 8.

Elusive Targets are the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy that we’ve ever created; a unique target that you’ll only have one chance to eliminate. If you kill them or fail the contract, there will be no second chances. When you’re playing the contract, the Elusive Target will not appear on the map and will not appear in Instinct. In order to find them, you’ll need to use clues from the briefing video and remember what your target looks like. You’ll need to explore, find your target, learn their patterns and come up with a plan to eliminate them – all whilst playing.

Mission Intelligence

Elusive Target: The Politican
Location: Hawke’s Bay
Target: Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating
Objective: Eliminate Dame Barbara. (There are no special conditions for this contract.)
Duration: Starts March 8th for 10 days. Ends March 18.

Elusive Target Rewards

Completing Elusive Target contracts in HITMAN 2 will unlock some unique suits for Agent 47.

A mixture of HITMAN 2 location suits, iconic suits from previous Hitman titles and new suits specific to Elusive Target rewards can be unlocked, depending on how you complete the contracts. Any suit that is unlocked can be used in the planning phase for any mission, giving you more options to use different suits throughout HITMAN 2.

Special note:The Politician’ Elusive Target in Hawke’s Bay does not offer a direct unlock. 

However, completing the contract will count towards your progress for unlocking the ‘SA Suits’ and ‘Completion Suits’ and most importantly of all – we are working on plans to give all players the chance to unlock an alternate version of the Hawke’s Bay default starting suit; the Tactical Wetsuit.

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