HITMAN Spring Pack

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HITMAN Spring Pack

March 21, 2018 HITMAN, News

Spring has arrived and it’s time to travel somewhere sunny! Your destination is Sapienza and everyone is invited via the HITMAN Spring Pack.

The HITMAN Spring Pack is a completely FREE download for anyone on PC, PS4 or Xbox One and includes the entire Sapienza location (Episode 2). You’ll get the main story mission, ‘World of Tomorrow’, 20 levels of Mastery (including weapon and item unlocks), more than 100 challenges, 7 achievements/trophies and ALL of the Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and Featured Contracts that we’ve released for Sapienza. On top of all that, any Elusive Targets that are re-activated in Sapienza will also be playable through the Spring Pack.

The Spring Pack will be made available on March 21st. Timings will vary depending on your platform of choice – but make sure to get it before April 3rd! Once you’ve downloaded it, Sapienza is yours to keep permanently and all of your progress will carry through to the full game when you buy the Game of the Year Edition.

You’ll find the Hitman Spring Pack either through the new in-game store or by searching on Xbox Live, PSN or Steam for “Hitman Spring Pack’, starting on March 21st. (You’ll start seeing it on Steam at approximately 4pm CET.)

Here’s a full rundown of what’s included in the Hitman Spring Pack; available between March 21st 2018 and April 3rd 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One:

ICA Facility Location

  • 2 story missions
  • 2 Escalation Contracts
  • 40+ Challenges
  • 17 achievements /  Trophies

Sapienza Location

  • ‘World of Tomorrow’ story mission
  • 12 Escalation Contracts
  • 20 levels of Sapienza Mastery (including 6 gear/weapon unlocks)
  • 120+ Challenges
  • 7 achievements / Trophies
  • Master Sniper Challenge Pack (rewards Jaeger 7 Covert Sniper Rifle)
  • Plumber’s Apprentice Challenge Pack (rewards Claw Hammer melee weapon)
  • Professional Difficulty Level for Sapienza
  • Future Re-activated Elusive Targets in Sapienza

*Please note that the HITMAN Spring Pack does not include any of the missions or content from the Bonus Episode.


Take a look at the (recently updated) March Roadmap below for all of the other content coming to HITMAN this month:

Approach with Caution

The Guru will be the next reactivated Elusive Target and comes complete with two additional fail conditions. As well as eliminating the target and exiting the mission, players must avoid causing any collateral damage to two other characters. Make sure to watch the briefing video closely before starting the contract, and see our dedicated Guru blog post for more details.

We’ll see you in Sapienza…


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