HITMAN - October Roadmap

All the content coming to HITMAN in October

HITMAN – October Roadmap

October 3, 2018 HITMAN, News

Welcome to the October Roadmap for HITMAN! This seems incredible to say, but next month we will be celebrating the release of HITMAN 2! Right now, various members of the IOI team are travelling the world to showcase HITMAN 2 at preview events for media and at consumer events for our fans and community. We’ve listed the confirmed consumer events that we’ll be at in the roadmap below – but there will be more that we’ll announce at a later date too!

Before all of that, we’ve got a full month of content for HITMAN in October. We’ve *slightly* adjusted the release schedule of our Reactivated Elusive Targets so that they all start in October, we’re creating some of our very own Featured Contracts and making them all Halloween-themed as well as planning in some livestreams.

Here’s what the full month looks like:


  • October 1
    • Elusive Target: The Badboy (10 days)
  • October 3
    • Event: Comic Con Russia (Igromir)
      • With Clemens from IOI
  • October 5
    • Event: Milan Games Week
  • October 10
    • Event: Brasil Games Show
      • With community member Mendietinha
  • October 12
    • Elusive Target: The Pharmacist (10 days)
    • IOI Livestream
  • October 16
    • Hitman Blood Money (Xbox Games with Gold)
  • October 19
    • Halloween-Themed Featured Contracts
    • IOI Livestream
  • October 26
    • Elusive Target: Entertainer (10 days)
    • IOI Livestream

Hitman: Blood Money on Games with Gold

Xbox Live Gold members can download Hitman: Blood Money for no additional charge starting on October 16 through October 31.

Hitman: Blood Money was released 12 years ago in 2006, back when game titles weren’t written in All Caps. The game remains a fan favourite for it’s formula of open-ended sandbox levels and memorable targets and locations.

The game is also remembered for some of the series’ most iconic quotes. Hands up if you remember “Don’t you want your jacket, sir?” and “Names are for friends…” You get bonus points if you said them with the accents used in game.

You might expect us to say it, but it’s well worth a download if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. Just make sure to do it before the end of the month.


Our roadmaps are intended to give you a heads-up of what you can expect in HITMAN each month – and in November, you’ll see what we’ve got lined up for HITMAN 2!

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