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HITMAN – Noclip

August 2, 2019 HITMAN, News

Noclip are well-known for creating crowdfunded video game documentaries that tell authentic stories about video games, the people who make them, and those who play them. All of their work is funded entirely by their fans and is free of advertising or sponsored content. Since September of 2016, Noclip has been creating documentaries all around the world and they have finally, made their way to IOI.

In early July 2019, Danny and Jeremy from Noclip spent two days at the Copenhagen office to learn about how we work, our company culture and what goes into making our games. They spoke with various members of the team about all aspects of their job and were pretty much given free reign of the studio to film and explore – including lunch in our world famous cantina and even a fire alarm! If you want to know more about Noclip, visit the official Noclip website.

Their Hitman documentary released as a multipart series that dives head-first into the design of Hitman and explains how we created each location and brought them to life. This blog post includes all four parts. Enjoy!

Part One / The Fall and Rise of Hitman

Part Two / Designing an Assassination Simulation

Part Three / Revealing the Tricks Behind Hitman's Level Design

Part Four / Redesigning Agent 47

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