HITMAN - June Roadmap

All the content coming to HITMAN in June

HITMAN – June Roadmap

June 1, 2018 HITMAN, News

The HITMAN Roadmap for June is here. A full month of in-game content.

And that’s not just it. We’ve got three reactivated Elusive Targets lined up for June. Also, a batch of Featured Contracts and 10 new Curated Contracts that have been chosen by GuLe, who you may know from the Hitman community sites.

Our ambition with the roadmap posts going forward is that they include *everything* that’s going on regarding Hitman and that you get them very early in the month. We’ve redesigned them to include more information and be easier to read. Be sure to tell us what you think about the new format and bring your comments and suggestions on Twitter and the HITMAN Forum.


  • June 1:
    • Elusive Target: Angel of Death
  • June 8:
    • Featured Contracts
    • Live stream (w. special guest)
  • June 15:
    • Elusive Target: The Food Critic
  •  June 22:
    • Community Curated Contracts
  • June 29:
    • Elusive Target: The Chameleon


Live Stream June 8

Friday, June 8 at 2 pm CEST, we’ll be live streaming again, but this time with a special guest. So be sure to tune in on both Twitch and Mixer.

Make sure to give us a follow on your favorite streaming channel, to be notified next time we go live.

There have been tears and failures – but mostly fun, action, success, and stealth.

And if you haven’t seen or want to rewatch our previous steams, you can do this right here on twitch, or right here on mixer.


Hope to see you next time we go live!


This Months Curated Contracts

On June 22, our community member GuLe’s 10 awesome handpicked Curated Contracts will go live.

He will also be the star of this months Community Focus, later this month.




Every month, our ambition is to share everything Hitman-related on the blog. Events, live streams, game updates and whatever else is happening will be included. Even when there aren’t many activities happening outside of the game, we expect to have live streams running to keep in contact with all our players.

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Thanks for playing!


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