HITMAN - July Roadmap

All the content coming to HITMAN in July

HITMAN – July Roadmap

July 3, 2018 HITMAN, News

The HITMAN Roadmap for July is here. A full month of in-game content.

It’s July, and it’s summer. Therefore we’ve got two hot and famous reactivated Elusive Targets lined up for July. We’ll also bring a batch of Featured Contracts and 10 new awesome Curated Contracts that have been chosen by community member BendingCheese, who you may know from the HITMAN community sites.

Our ambition with the roadmap posts is to include *everything* that’s going on in the HITMAN universe. Be sure to tell us what you think about the new format and bring your comments and suggestions on Twitter and the HITMAN Forum.

Let’s begin:


  • July 6:
    • Featured Contracts.
    • HITMAN: Sniper Assasin Game Update.
  • July 13:
    • Elusive Target: The Blackmailer.
  • July 20:
    • Community Curated Contracts.
  • July 27:
    • Elusive Target: The Warlord.

HITMAN: Sniper Assassin Game Update

On July 6th, we’re planning to release a game update for HITMAN: Sniper Assassin on all platforms at approximately 12 pm UTC.

This update will bring some small fixes to Sniper Assassin, and we do not expect any maintenance for this update.

Closer to the release of the update, we’ll publish full patch notes. We expect the update size to be between 72 and 191mb, depending on your platform.



The first stream will be next week on the 12th or Friday the 13th “uuhhh”. We’re brewing on something special for this, so stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

And if you haven’t seen or want to rewatch our previous steams, you can do this right here on twitch, or mixer.

Make sure to give us a follow on your favorite streaming channel, to be notified next time we go live.

Curated Contracts

On July 22, our community member BendingCheese’s 10 awesome handpicked Curated Contracts will go live.

He will also be the star of this months Community Focus, later this month.




Every month, our ambition is to share everything Hitman-related on the blog. Events, live streams, game updates and whatever else is happening will be included.

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Thanks for playing!


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