HITMAN 3 - March Roadmap

HITMAN 3 – March Roadmap

March 3, 2022 HITMAN 3, News

HITMAN 3. Year 2. March Roadmap. 2022.

With the SEO taken care of, let’s jump into what’s coming up this month in HITMAN 3. Elusive Target Arcade has been reworked, new Arcade contracts are arriving, an Elusive Target returns and enhanced support for Contracts Mode is on the horizon. Let’s break it all down.

March 3: Elusive Target Arcade

We’re starting March with a new batch of three Arcade Contracts, one for each game in the Trilogy. Look out for The Nebulae, the Genera and The Vitae. Complete any one of them and you’ll unlock the Sieger AR552 Tactical.

Alongside the release of this new batch of Arcade Contracts, we want to talk you through some changes that will also be arriving on March 3rd that will impact on the Arcade Contracts we have already released, including those arriving today. We also look ahead to a few other changes coming in the future.

Changes to Arcade Contracts (March 3)

  • We will reintroduce the mission briefing for each individual mission within an Arcade Contract.
  • There will be one single complication that is persistent throughout each Arcade Contract.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Deceits: “Hide All Bodies” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “One Pacification”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Codices: “One Disguise Change” and “Headshots Only”. The only remaining complication is “No Civilian Casualties”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Ellipses: “No Ballistics” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “Hide All Bodies”.
    •  We’ve chosen to preserve the “Hide All Bodies” complication in The Ellipses to stay in line with the choice of retaining the first complication from each Contract and to avoid issues with the leaderboards. It won’t be coming back in future Arcade Contracts.

Upcoming changes to Arcade Contracts (Soon)

  • All ET Arcade Contracts will feature 3 targets per Arcade Contract.
  • We will avoid complications that are considered to be creatively restrictive or can result in instant failure, this includes the ‘Hide All Bodies’ complication.
  • Investigate making all ET Arcade complications optional. If we don’t encounter any unexpected issues, we expect to implement this additional change with our next patch.

March 11th: Elusive Target – The Collector (Year 2)

Following on from The Heartbreaker in Mendoza and The Broker in Paris, we turn our attention to Dartmoor where The Collector is the third Elusive Target to be featured in HITMAN 3 – Year 2.

You’ll have 10 days to eliminate him, starting on March 11. As with all Year 2 Editions of Elusive Targets, all HITMAN 3 owners will be able to take on the contract, whether or not they have previously played the contract. Either way, a successful completion will count towards unlocking ET suits via challenges.

March 17th: Patient Zero Contracts Mode Support

We’re looking back to HITMAN 1 this month to enable support for more maps in Contracts Mode. Out of the four missions from the HITMAN 1 GOTY ‘Patient Zero campaign’, The Source (Bangkok) is already supported and The Vector (Colorado) won’t be supported in future due to it’s dynamic nature and unique Sniper set-up.

We’ve revisited the other two maps from the Patient Zero campaign and added Contracts Mode support for them this month. The Author (Sapienza) and Patient Zero (Hokkaido) will be added on March 17th. You will need to own the HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass DLC to play or create contracts on these missions.

Of particular note here, we’ve removed the virus contamination gameplay elements in the Hokkaido mission to keep creative options high in the spirit of the mode. Whilst it is a defining aspect of the campaign mission, we felt it was too overbearing for Contracts Mode.

Patient Zero: Featured Contracts

To mark the update for these maps, we’re creating a batch of Featured Contracts. There’ll be one for each Patient Zero mission and together they will form a sort of ‘mini-campaign’ if you pay attention to the written briefings.

March 24th: Elusive Target Arcade

Just as we started, we are ending March with a batch of Arcade Contracts for Elusive Target Arcade. This batch will also include an Arcade Contract consisting of Elusive Targets from each game in the trilogy. Once you’ve successfully completed any of the three, the Striker V3 will be yours.

HITMAN 3 Year 2 March Roadmap

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