HITMAN 3 - Season of Sloth

June 15 - July 19

HITMAN 3 – Season of Sloth

June 15, 2021 HITMAN 3

Chill out, take it easy.

The Season of Sloth in HITMAN 3 is slowly approaching with Act 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins and the first Elusive Target in Berlin. Whenever you feel like it, get ready for a look ahead at what’s coming in HITMAN 3’s Season of Sloth.


Seven Deadly Sins Act 3: Sloth (DLC)

The Seven Deadly Sins continues with Act 3: Sloth. Save all your energy for the Sloth Depletion Escalation and go deep into the mind of Agent 47. Experience a new take on the Dartmoor location – plus unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your inner sloth.

Each act of the Seven Deadly Sins be be purchased individually, or together at a reduced price as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.


Elusive Target: The Liability (Berlin)
The world’s worst construction inspector is in Berlin for a limited time. Find him and eliminate him but don’t take too long about it, you’ll have 11 days starting on June 17th to complete this contract.


Featured Contracts / Outside Xtra
We’re excited to have Jane, Mike and Andy creating some Sloth-inspired contracts for all players this month. You’ll know them from Outside Xbox, where they’ve regularly been playing Elusive Targets and creating all sorts of videos throughout the World of Assassination trilogy. Regular viewers will know that stealth, poison and explosions are likely to be on the table here… Thankfully, they’ve all been cleared to leave the medical area of Miami and their doppelgängers in Santa Fortuna won’t slow them down.

Featured Contracts Unlock
The Featured Contracts from Outside Xtra will be your first chance to unlock the ICA 19 F/A Stealth “Ducky” Edition. Complete a total of 40 unique Featured Contracts and you’ll have this unique ICA 19 variant to call your own.


Location Rotation: Sapienza
Slow down, chill out, take it easy. Go to the beach. Eat an ice cream. Visit the morgue.

The relaxing coastal town of Sapienza is your destination for the Location Rotation this season, which means all HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack players and HITMAN 3 owners will have unlimited access to everything that this jewel of the Amalfi coast has to offer for 10 days.


Elusive Target: The Twin (Sapienza)
Two identical twin brothers. One is the client, the other is your target. If you kill or harm the client, you fail.

Track down the twins, identify the target and take your shot. Or cross your fingers and go YOLO, it’s your call.


Featured Contracts / Hitman Community

After their long-awaited return in the Season of Pride, the honour of creating Featured Contracts is back with the Hitman Community once again. Later this month, three more community members will have their Sloth-inspired creations added into HITMAN 3 for all players to amble their way through.


Featured Contracts / Frote 7’s Speedrun Community
It wouldn’t be a Sloth-inspired season without Hitman’s best-known Speedrun community involved. We’ve asked the speedy clown himself, Frote 7, to work with their Speedrun Community and create three Sloth-inspired contracts for all players to race through!

If you saw the IGN video with HITMAN 3 developers reacting to speedruns of the game at launch, you’ll remember that Frote7 picked up a Silent Assassin rating on the Dubai campaign mission in just 17 seconds…

Head over to the official F7SC Discord channel or follow on Twitter for updates on the regular events, competitions and livestreams.


HITMAN 3 – Season of Sloth (June 15 – July 19)


Coming to HITMAN 3 owners during the Season of Sloth (June 15 – July 19)

  • Seven Deadly Sins Act 3: Sloth / Seven Deadly Sins DLC
  • The Liability (Berlin) / Elusive Target
  • Outside Xtra / Featured Contracts
  • Location Rotation: Sapienza
  • Hitman Community / Featured Contracts
  • The Twin (Paris) / Elusive Target
  • Frote 7’s Speedrun Community / Featured Contracts


Next Season

(Blog post updated on July 14)
The Season of Sloth will end as planned on July 19. However, the game update that was planned for July 20 has now been moved to July 27, which is when the next season will begin. We don’t like to change the dates of content or game updates once we’ve announced them, but sometimes that’s a reality that we have to face.

We’re planning to reveal the new season and a new permanent event that we’re adding to HITMAN 3 on our IOI Insider livestream. So, to get an early look at all of that, as well as some other updates, tune in to the next episode of IOI Insider on Thursday July 22nd.

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