HITMAN 3 - Season of Envy

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HITMAN 3 – Season of Envy

September 28, 2021 HITMAN 3, News

The Season of Envy kicks off on September 28 with the penultimate act of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign. This one is all about Envy.

With a rival assassin on the scene, 47 must be faster and sharper to prove that he’s the best around. Compete against your rival to take targets in Mendoza before they do and a bounty of new unlocks await; The Odium Suit, Cat’s Claw and Jaeger 7 Green Eye Sniper Rifle are the spoils for the victor.

Check out the Season of Envy Roadmap trailer for full details of everything coming your way in the coming weeks.

The Ascensionist: Dubai Elusive Target

Track down the perfect con artist, who will do anything to climb the social ladder. She has swindled and killed her way to Dubai and this is where you come in. Track her down and put an end to her envy. From October 1st, you’ll have 10 days to stop her.

Location Rotation: Colorado

An abandoned apricot farm is your next destination on our free location rotation, where you get a taste of locations from across the World of Assassination. With the rocky mountains as the back drop, this hostile location is a front for a militia training camp – and it’s a tough one, so bring your A-game. HITMAN 3 owners and Free Starter Pack players can enjoy this location for 10 days, starting on October 7.

Featured Contracts from IO Interactive

For the Season of Envy, we’ve taken up the mantle ourselves to create three Envy-inspired contracts. With more than 20 years experience creating Hitman games, there’s absolutely no pressure. We’ll go a bit more in depth about how they were made later in the season. Stay tuned!

Featured Contracts Reward: Ducky Sniper

The first batch of Envy-inspired Featured Contracts will take the total on HITMAN 3 locations beyond 60 for the first time, allowing players to unlock the Ducky Sniper, aka the Hackl Covert “Ducky” Edition.

Colorado Elusive Target: The Bookkeeper

During the Colorado Location Rotation, the Bookkeeper will also be in town. Pertti Jarnefelt has known links to the leader of the militia and will only be on-site for a limited time. Eliminate him, retrieve his ledger – and make sure to stay on your toes. Your target is extremely paranoid and will attempt to flee at the first sign of danger; if combat is triggered, he will run to an evacuation point. Stay frosty.

Unlock: Complete this contract to unlock the Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat!

Featured Contracts from the Hitman Community

The second batch of Featured Contracts for the Season of Envy is in the hands of the Hitman community. Bring your Ducky Sniper and create a long-range master piece, or drop in with a fibrewire and get up close and personal. It’s up to you, the community to decide how these contracts are made. The best submissions will be reviewed by IO Interactive and added to the game for all players to enjoy.


The Claw Hammer
Get this non-lethal melee weapon in HITMAN 3 by completing a new challenge in Dartmoor: A Fhammerly Affair, starting on October 7.


Jaeger 7 Covert Sniper Rifle
Who’s Sniping the Sniper? You are. A new challenge in Berlin will task you with proving you’re the best long-range marksman in the business. Your reward is the Jaeger 7 Covert.


Rave On Suit
Complete the new Rave On challenge in Berlin to unlock the Rave On suit. Simple. Rave On!



HITMAN 3’s Season of Wrath will start on October 26 and brings the final act of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign, a full roster of live content, new unlockable items and more! All eyes on the official IOI Twitter account for updates between now and then.


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