HITMAN 3 - Free Landslide

Location Rotation

HITMAN 3 – Free Landslide

April 15, 2021 HITMAN 3

We’re making the Landslide mission free to play for all HITMAN 3 players.

Whether you own HITMAN 3 or the HITMAN 3 – Free Starter Pack, the Landslide mission in Sapienza will be free to play between 15 April and 25 April 2021. Any trophies/achievements, challenges, XP or unlocks you earn in the mission are yours to keep permanently. Any Free Starter Pack players who choose to purchase the full game will keep them too.

If you have HITMAN 3 or the HITMAN 3 – Free Starter Pack already installed, you won’t need to download anything else to play the Landslide mission. Launch your game, go to Destinations > Sapienza > Landslide and you’ll be playing in seconds.

In Sapienza, the sun is about to set and the locals have gathered in the piazza for a small concert by the harbour. Your target is Marco Abiatti, is a wealthy businessman with mafia ties who is running for mayor and comfortably ahead in the polls. Agent 47 must ensure this snake-tongued politican does not become mayor.

Location Rotation

The HITMAN 3 – Free Starter Pack will always include the ICA Facility location. Other missions, locations and even some Elusive Targets will rotate in and out at different times. During the Season of Greed, Hawke’s Bay will be available and Landslide is now being added for a limited time. Any content that is free to play in the HITMAN 3 – Free Starter Pack will also be available to play for HITMAN 3 owners.

In future, the free to play content will be highlighted in the HITMAN 3 Seasonal Roadmaps.


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