The Undying

Starring Sean Bean

HITMAN 2 – Elusive Target #1 Reveal

October 19, 2018 HITMAN, News

We’re excited to announce that Sean Bean will star in the first Elusive Target mission in HITMAN 2. He will take on the role of Mark Faba, a former MI5 agent notoriously known as The Undying due to his reputation as a master of faking his own death. Take a look at the live-action trailer below that introduces The Undying!

The Undying is scheduled for release in HITMAN 2 on November 20, one week after the game launches and will run for 14 days. Elusive Targets are unique, high-stakes missions were players only have once chance to eliminate their target, and cannot retry if they fail. The Undying is the first of many post-launch content updates that players will be able to enjoy in HITMAN 2.

Make sure to watch the trailer through to the end for your chance to vote on a brand new weapon that will be unlocked in HITMAN 2.

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