HITMAN 2 - Snow Festival

A new free seasonal event

HITMAN 2 – Snow Festival

January 22, 2019 HITMAN, News

Celebrate the Winter season at the HITMAN 2 Snow Festival in Hokkaido and throw snowballs at your target in a new mission!

The Snow Festival is a free seasonal event for new and existing HITMAN 2 players that includes a new mission in Hokkaido, a new target, the Snow Master Challenge Pack, themed items (including a snowball!) and two new unlocks that can be permanently added to your inventory.

The Snow Festival will be available from January 22nd through February 12 and you’ll need to complete the mission to unlock the Snow Festival Suit and complete all 7 challenges to unlock the lethal Icepick.

The new mission takes place at a freshly decorated Hokkaido location, where your target is Dmitri Fedorov, a former arms dealer with a military past and a degree in structural engineering. Following a failed military career, Dmitri recently survived an explosion at one of his infamously unsafe fireworks factories and is now in recovery at the Hokkaido GAMA Facility, waiting to cash in on the insurance.

Unfortunately, 26 of his employees did not survive and the employees who did survive want to make sure that Dmitri doesn’t cash in on anything…


If you’re brand new to HITMAN 2, we’ve got some great news! You can download and play everything in the Hokkaido Legacy Location (including the Snow Festival) starting today and through February 12. This free trial will be available to download on January 22nd at 13 UTC for Xbox One and PS4 players and 18 UTC for PC players. The trial will end at the same times on February 12 and the Snow Festival will end.

If you like what you’ve played and want more, all of your unlocks and progress will carry over to the full HITMAN 2 game when you buy it. Keep your eyes out for some nice discounts on all stores in the coming days and weeks.

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