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HITMAN 2 – Siberia

July 29, 2019 HITMAN, News

Siberia is a brand new Sniper Assassin map available in HITMAN 2! Agent 47’s latest long-range mission takes him to one of the harshest climates on the planet, where he must eliminate two targets and start a prison riot to cover his tracks. This exciting new addition is the second post-launch Sniper Assassin map that will be released as part of the Expansion Pass.

Full details about when the map launches, how to get in, what’s included and why it’s awesome are all included right here.



Owners of the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass will be able to download Siberia (The Prison) on July 30 2019.

To find the new download on release day, we recommend players search for HITMAN 2 in their platform store on either PS4, Xbox One or Steam and look for all available DLC. Please note that this location will not be available for individual purchase.



After downloading Siberia (The Prison) on July 30th, HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners will have access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu that includes the Siberia Sniper Assassin mission (Crime and Punishment).

The mission brings new challenges that can be completed to add a permanent multiplier to your score. That will push you up the leaderboards and allow you to upgrade your rifle with extended magazines, additional ammo, faster reloads and more. With an upgraded rifle, you’ll earn more points on your way to unlocking the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic

Included with ‘HITMAN 2 – Siberia’:

– New Location (Siberia, Russia)
– New Sniper Assassin Map: Crime and Punishment
– New Sniper Assassin Challenges
– Rifle Mastery Progression, including the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic unlock
– Multiplayer: Online co-op
– New Trophies / Achievements to earn


When Agent 47 arrives in Siberia at the prison, he’ll have four objectives to complete in order to call his mission a success.

The Crime and Punishment mission objectives are;

  • Eliminate Roman Khabko
  • Eliminate Vitaly Reznikov
  • Eliminate the Siberian Tigers
  • Cause a Prison Riot

You’ll find out more from the Briefing Video when you play the mission. For now, we’ve some character bios for each target. Know your enemy.

Roman Khabko

Not much is known about Khabko’s youth although it is believed that his name is an alias assumed in the late 80’s while he worked for a Russian mobster in New York. It was there that he made a name for himself and rose through the ranks of the American arm of the Russian Mafia. He left the country after a drug deal went sour and for DEA agents were left dead at the scene.

Back in Russia, Khabko was involved in human trafficking and his clientele became the top tier of political aspirants, diplomats and high-ranking politicians. Eventually, he oversteps his boundaries and blackmails an important diplomat, resulting in his arrest. He is placed at the remote, privately-run Perm-14 facility and has been there for a decade.

However, he dreams of returning to warmer climates and has pooled his remaining wealth to offer $10M USD to the prisons warden, Vitaly Reznikov to help him escape.

Vitaly Reznikov

A former KGB operative who worked on exposing foreign spies, Reznikov travelled most of the Soviet Union and made friends and enemies in all places. He was given a ranking position within the FSB after saving the life of a high-ranking KGB officer. It was at the FSB that he discovered several abandoned facilities in Siberia and pulled some strings to assume control of them.

Over the next several years, Reznikov rebuilt the facilities as prisons and would eventually host some of the state’s most controversial prisoners. Reports of abuse, disappearances and corruption started trickling out of the Perm-14 facility and rumours persist that Reznikov lets high-ranking prisoners leave if they pay enough.

Now, Reznikov fears investigation by the UN Human Rights Council and has decided to play his last gambit and accept a multimillion dollar bribe from the Russian Mobster to facilitate his escape.


Want to see the location for yourself? Get ready for the Official Siberia Launch Trailer!

The trailer was debuted on our IOI Monthly livestream and will show you more of The Prison and introduce you to some of the key characters and opportunities that you’ll encounter.


Owners of the Expansion Pass will be able to download The Prison from their platform stores starting on July 30. We recommend that you search for “HITMAN 2 SIBERIA” on the store and download the content from there.

The download will clock in at under 2 GB on all platforms.

The release time for this location will vary depending on your platform and region. Here is a full list of the release times for the new map and when you can begin downloading.

July 30th

Xbox One (Global) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (Europe) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (North America) 15:00 UTC
PC (Global) 17:00 UTC

July 31st

PS4 (Asia) 03:00 UTC
PS4 (Japan) 03:00 UTC

More details about The Prison can be found in our July Update Release Notes blog post.



The Prison was the focus of IOI Monthly #5, our community-focused livestream direct from IO Interactive HQ. This episode includes Martin Skov Ansdal, a Level Designer who worked extensively on crafting the Prison. Give it a watch: IOI Monthly Episode #5 – The Prison

The Prison is only the highlight of yet another jam-packed month in HITMAN 2. There’s plenty more to look forward to as we move towards the end of the month, including Contracts Mode in Hawke’s Bay and the long-awaited Anniversary Suits!

Get the full rundown of everything that’s arriving in July through our dedicated July Roadmap blog post.


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