HITMAN 2 - Official Live-Action Launch Trailer

Make the World Your Weapon

HITMAN 2 – Official Live-Action Launch Trailer

November 2, 2018 HITMAN, News

Get ready for HITMAN 2 with the official live-action launch trailer, starring international actor Sean Bean. In this new trailer, Bean plays the role of Mark Faba, an in-game character who will be featured in the upcoming Elusive Target mission on November 20, just one week after HITMAN 2 launches on November 13.

As Faba, a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin, Bean discusses the importance of creativity and improvisation to a true assassin, while showcasing a variety of unassuming items that can be utilized as deadly weapons in HITMAN 2. From rubber duck explosives and transistor radios to kitchenware and flamingo costumes, the world truly is your weapon. And no one knows this better than the masterful Agent 47, who makes an inconspicuous appearance towards the end of the video with a deadly surprise for Mr. Faba.

HITMAN 2 features hyper-detailed sandbox locations full of living, breathing environments to explore and offers players the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination utilizing an assortment of tools, weapons, disguises and a variety of stealth techniques to creatively trigger their own unique chain of events.

HITMAN 2 will be available for PlayStation 4,  Xbox One and PC beginning November 13, 2018.

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