HITMAN 2 - March Content Calendar

Lucky Break

HITMAN 2 – March Content Calendar

February 27, 2020 HITMAN, News

The March Content Calendar for HITMAN 2 has arrived and forecasts what is to come throughout the month.

Here’s your breakdown of the upcoming content for March in HITMAN 2:

Featured Contracts

Get your contract featured in the game for the entire community to enjoy! We will hand-pick 10 Contracts from the Official Submission Thread on Hitman Forum and they will be added to the game for everyone to play on March 5th. We’re leaning on the theme of ‘Lucky Break’ this month and we look forward to seeing exactly how you adapt that into a Contract idea.

Elusive Target Reactivation

Miranda Jamison is a world-famous art appraiser – but also a key figure involved in extensive price fixing within the art world. After attempting to steal a valuable piece of art, the owner has requested the ICA to ‘permanently retire’ her and retrieve her notebook. That gives you one target, two objectives, 10 days and endless possibilities. Good luck. 

Curated Contracts

TheCurator is TheContractor. This month, our chosen curator is the mastermind behind the Community Trials and a big part of the 12 Days of Contracts as well as frequently submitting contracts to be Featured – making the cut on four occasions. As their name might suggest, TheContractor knows a thing or two about contracts and we’re looking forward to seeing what choices they make. We’ll also have a spotlight article about them live on our website before the Curated Contracts are available in-game.

IOI Monthly

Your monthly look behind the scenes at IO Interactive returns for the 13th episode. Tune in for the first reveal of the bumper April Content Schedule, find out who takes the lead in the next round of Contracts Showdown and get your questions answered by the IOI Community Team. Tune in to our official channels on Twitch or Mixer on Thursday March 26th for all of that and more!

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