HITMAN 2 - June Content Calendar

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HITMAN 2 – June Content Calendar

May 29, 2020 HITMAN, News

The June Content Calendar for HITMAN 2 brings a hot round of content including Featured Contracts, The Undying Returns, and a new community member under the spotlight with their Curated Contracts selection.

This, is what’s coming your way in June:

Featured Contracts – Crash Course
We asked our community to buckle up, and get creative once again – This time around the theme is Crash Course, inspired by the Global Innovation Race in Miami .The 10 Featured Contracts will be available for all players Thursday, June 4th – so keep an eye out for their interpretations of the theme.

Elusive Target Reactivation – The Undying Returns
Sean Bean is back once again in HITMAN 2 as Mark Faba, a former MI5 agent notoriously known as The Undying due to his reputation as a master of faking his own death… The Undying Returns reactivated elusive target will be active in the game for almost 3 weeks.

Remember that Reactivated Elusive Targets are only accessible for players that didn’t attempt them the first time around. You’ll have 19 days to complete this contract. Good luck.

Curated Contracts
Our Contracts Curator for June is CHAOS_AGENT_45! He’s a well-known figure within the community, who is known particularly for his sniping skills. As a proof of this, you can find him as an NPC in Haven Island because he was the Sniper Assassin champion on PS4!

So, look forward to this selection of contracts – they’ll probably be heavily Sniper inspired. Before that, we’ll feature him in our Community Focus series of blog posts, where you can get to know him better.

IOI Monthly Episode #15
We will be back in front of the cameras for our 15th episode of IOI Monthly at the end of the month. Expect talk about the June Content Calendar and your chance to put your HITMAN 2 questions to the devs. See you there on Twitch or Mixer.

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