HITMAN 2 - January Roadmap

HITMAN 2 – January Roadmap

January 7, 2019 HITMAN, News

Welcome to January in HITMAN 2 – a month full of content that will give you new challenges and new rewards. Each week, you’ll be able to play something fresh and new.

Here’s a full look at everything that’s coming your way in 2019’s first month!

January 3 – The BigMooney Flamboyancy
Escalation Contracts focus on your skills as Agent 47 and how you can adapt your playstyles to the various complications that we can throw your way. Escalations are not necessarily about immersion, but definitely give you a gameplay challenge. This particular Escalation is a little different since this has been designed and named by our community member Big Mooney, spoiler alert –  he really likes the flamingos.

January 10 – Desperate Measures
For January we’ve picked 10 Featured Contracts to be added to the game. All Featured Contracts are created by members of the community and then added to the game for all players to enjoy. For HITMAN 2, we will pick our Featured Contracts based on themes – this time around the theme is ‘Fiberwire // Measuring tape’ and we call it “Desperate Measures”, as all contracts are focused on fiber wire and/or measuring tape kills. Later this month, we’ll share information on the next theme for February and how you can submit your contracts to be included.

January 10 – Fishy Business
Something’s fishy in Miami… find out what, with these 6 new challenges.

January 11 – Developer Livestream
2019’s first live stream will focus on escalations, contracts and more. Join us on Twitch and Mixer. (More details coming soon)

January 17 – The Marinello Motivation
In The Marinello Motivation Escalation, you’re going back to the Isle of Sgail – to complete a set of various complications.

January 25 – The Appraiser
A new Elusive Target will arrive for the first time on the Isle of Sgail for 10 days and you’ll be able to unlock the Tuxedo and Mask with gloves suit if you manage to complete it. Check our Elusive Target Rewards blog post for a full overview of the ET rewards.

[Update: We’ve corrected the date for The Appraiser to January 25th (was 24th). ]


January 25 – Developer Livestream
It’s time to see if it’s possible for our hosts and guest to get a Silent Assassin rating on the Appraiser, Elusive Target. Join us Friday the 25th on Twitch and Mixer for gaming, questions, and more. (More details coming soon)


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