HITMAN 2 - April Content Calendar

Fool's Gambit

HITMAN 2 – April Content Calendar

April 3, 2020 HITMAN, News

The HITMAN 2 April Content Calendar brings two reactivated Elusive Targets, Featured Contracts and a new community member under the spotlight with their Curated Contracts selections.

As always, read on below for all the details you need.


Featured Contracts – Fool’s Gambit
You make great contracts, and we put them in the game for everyone to enjoy. If you’re up for the task, jump on over to the Official Submission Thread. This month’s theme is based on April Fool’s Day and we look forward to seeing exactly how you adapt that into a Contract idea.

Elusive Target Reactivation – The Politician
Your target is Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating a New Zealand tycoon and the former Minister of Trade and foreign affairs. Her recent actions have forced her to employ a body double, so stay sharp to identify the correct target.
You may only have 1 target, but 10 days of opportunity to complete the contract.

Curated Contracts
Our Curator for April is KevinRudd! He’s a well-known figure on Hitman Forum and Reddit. He’s a very creative soul and often creates humorous, mindpuzzling contracts and shares stylish screenshots. You could say he’s an Ansel master! Look out for his contracts in-game on April 16.

Later this month we’ll have a Community Focus, where you can get to know him better.


Elusive Target Reactivation – The Serial Killer
The identity of this target is currently unknown, but the recent discovery of two new victims indicates he’s now using Whittleton Creek as his new hunting grounds. Your task is to take him down and you have 10 days to do it. You’ll earn the Suburban Suit with Gloves for successfully completing the mission.

IOI Monthly – April 28th? April 30!
After IOI Monthly #12 in February, we got stuck on unlucky #13. Last month’s stream was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In that light, we are still uncertain of exactly how episode #13 will go ahead, but we’re working on a solution to keep in touch with our players and share upcoming Hitman news. Keep an eye on our official Twitter account for updates and pencil in April 28 30.

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