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Welcome to Singapore

HITMAN 2 – Hantu Port

March 26, 2019 HITMAN, News

Welcome to Hantu Port, Singapore.

Hantu Port is the first Sniper Assassin content release coming to HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners on March 26 2019!

Whether you choose to play solo as Agent 47 or online coop as either Stone or Knight, you’ll be perched above the container yard at Hantu Port. Your objectives are to eliminate all Khandanyang operatives (including 3 main targets) and protect the hostages. Along the way, you will complete challenges, earn score multipliers, upgrade your rifle and climb the leaderboard.

You’ll need to own the HITMAN 2 Gold Edition, Silver Edition or Expansion Pass to get access to this new map. For full release timings and updates, take a look at the March Game Update Release Notes blog post.

Content Overview

Han Ldong is a former Khandanyang national poet, who has been kidnapped from his suburban home along with his wife. He defected to the US a few years ago and has been living in witness protection ever since.

The ‘Heavenly Guard’, part of the Khandanyang military elite are responsible for the kidnapping and three key members of the group are your main targets for the mission in Hantu Port, Singapore.

All three targets are at the container yard to secure the hostages, who are expected to be transported back to Khandanyang for a public execution. The hostages must survive for the mission to be a success.

Online Multiplayer

The Sniper Assassin Mode also allows you to play online coop as Stone or Knight, either by inviting a friend or through matchmaking. Each character will have their own rifle that can be upgraded with unlocks that improve your firepower.

Completing the mission in co-op introduces new strategies as you can coordinate your shots and once you’ve found the perfect coop partner, you’ll be able to see both of your names in lights on the Multiplayer Leaderboards.

Druzhina 34 ICA

Agent 47’s weapon of choice for his mission in Singapore is a unique ICA variant of the Druzhina 34. A modern sniper rifle that is very effective at all ranges, with a medium firing rate.

Change your ammo type on the fly with either; high-pressure body-piercing rounds, wall and body-piercing titanium rounds or shockwave ammo which produces a deadly shockwave on impact.

The rifle starts with a versatile scope with 3 levels of zoom, but this can be upgraded to 4x alongside other upgrades that reward more ammo, increased firing rate and decreased reload times – all of which help you complete your mission in a more efficient way and climb the leaderboards.

Target 1 / Lhom Kwai / Intel

Captain Lhom Kwai is a highly decorated army captain who participated in the first Tungan Valley conquest over a decade ago. He is known as a man who knows how to get things done.

He graduated with honors from his army training and earned the moniker “Dragon Eye” after losing his eye during a rebel attack. The golden occular prosthesis doubles as a medal of honour for his service.

(You can read more about this target in-game.)

Target 2 / Jin Noo / Intel

Jin Noo is a decorated Colonel in the Heavenly Guard. Also known as ‘The Blade’, he got his nickname from his up-close weapon of choice. He grew up as the son of a personal bodyguard and was trained for a similar position from a young age. However, his natural talents were quickly discovered and he was later trained as an assassin.

As a result, he now spends most of his time away from Khandanyang performing black ops assassination missions for the Heavenly Leader and heads up an elite special ops force known as the 7th Special Forces Group.

(You can read more about this target in-game.)

Target 3 / Re Thak /Intel

Captain Re Thak is a world class spy who has worked in counter intelligence for the past six years. She grew up in a very typical working class family in Khandanyang. Following the incarceration and interrogation of her family, a chance encounter with a then-captain known as The Blade led to her being recruited into the Heavenly Guard.

Also known as Spider Lily, she secured the intel on Han Ldong’s location in the US and was one of the chief orchestrators of the ‘rescue’ mission.

(You can read more about this target in-game)

Full Mission Briefing

We’ll leave you to prepare.

March Content Roadmap

The Hantu Port release is the main highlight of the March Content Roadmap – but there’s still more to come!

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