HITMAN - Game Update

May 24 2018

HITMAN – Game Update for May 24

May 24, 2018 HITMAN, News, Updates

A game update for HITMAN is inbound for all platforms. This update will arrive on May 24 2018 and will be accompanied by server maintenance, starting at 10am UTC. The maintenance is expected to last until 1pm UTC on May 24th. The update size will be between 800mb and 2gb, depending on your platform and will update the game version to 1.14.2.

We will post updates throughout the day about maintenance and availability to our Twitter account: @IOInteractive

What’s Changing?

General Data Protection Regulation
Yes, it’s our turn. We have implemented a new Privacy Policy that is compliant with the new GDPR regulations. The first time you launch HITMAN after updating to 1.14.2 (that’s this update!), you’ll be prompted to accept the new terms.

IOI Account
With this game update, we’re making it possible to sign up for a free IOI Account, which will allow you to stay updated on all the latest Hitman news. An IOI Account will allow you to register for newsletters from the studio, receive surveys and get notifications when we release new content. To create an account, go to Options>IOI Account (or look for the icon on the ‘Featured’ Tab) and enter your email address.

The Hatchet Job
We’ve fixed a community-reported issue on the Arthin Occultation Escalation where the ‘Sticky Hatchet’ complication would cause the contract to be failed after completing all objectives and exiting the level via the speedboat. This issue no longer occurs and the contract can be completed as expected.

What’s Next?

The May Roadmap shows all of the content coming to Hitman this month. The Chef is still active over the weekend and a new batch of Featured Contracts will also be added to the game this week. On June 1st, a new re-activated Elusive Target will go live and we’ll have a full roadmap for you in early June. 

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