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Curated Contracts: KevinRudd

April 17, 2020 HITMAN, News

Spring is here and so is the next Contract Curator. Our Curator for April is KevinRudd! He’s a well-known figure on Hitman Forum and Reddit. His 11 Curated Contracts are live now in HITMAN 2.

He’s a very creative soul and often creates humorous, mind puzzling contracts and shares stylish screenshots. But now, let’s take some time and get to know him a bit better, and find out more about where he gets his contracts passion:

KevinRudd! Nice to meet you.
G’day, mate!

Can you give us some intel on who you are?
Some may think of me as a former Prime Minister (j/k – or am I?), but to the rest of the HITMAN community, I’m that guy who keeps coming up with a buttload of contracts (First the Sniper series, now all sorts of interesting types) and posting them on Reddit and HitmanForum. I’m also that guy who keeps posting Ansel pictures on Reddit from the game. I like to think I have other contributions too.

We do remember your awesome sniper contracts quite well! – Where can people find/watch/follow you online?
You can find me as u/alban3se on Reddit where I’ve been posting something every single night this year, apart from a brief holiday, and as KevinRudd on HMF where I’m active in the contract, Ansel (picture) and other threads of people trying to get the most out of the game.

And we’ll get back to your Ansel skills later on, but first: When did you first stumble upon the Bald Assassin?
The first time I played a Hitman game was in either 2002 or 2003, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin at my brother’s house. Ever since then I was hooked!

We all are 😉 Can you tell us what Hitman game is your favorite, and why?
Would have to be the current game (HITMAN 2) with all DLC, truly a world of assassination; there’s always a reason to come back to each location; you’re not confined to just one mission, take advantage of the big maps and world that’s been crafted!

Excellent point, so talking about HITMAN 2, what’s your favourite location?
I have to mention that Sapienza is the best location in the franchise of all time, soz but it’s true. But for HITMAN 2… maybe Miami. Big and civilian-oriented are my favourite. New York is very polished and has nice music though, and Haven Island is a bit of fun. But the real question is when are we getting an Australia map?

Well, New Zealand is “relatively” close to Australia, wouldn’t you say? Anyways! –  what’s your favourite moment, in HITMAN? Can be anything, from in-game to something you’ve seen, played etc.
Being picked as a Curator is pretty cool, almost as cool as winning an election. But I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a sniper contract for every single map in the game; can’t wait to do it for H3’s levels, whatever they are.
Hint hint, developers, make sure every map has cool sniping spots 😉

Quite an awesome collection of Sniper Contracts, and awesome pictures for them as well, tell us a bit about Where you draw your Ansel inspiration?
If I wasn’t a Prime Minister in this life (Not saying I’m not, but hypothetically if I wasn’t); then you could say I studied film and television and have a strong interest in that stuff. So I know a bit about composing a shot with a real camera, and if you get the Ansel Unlocked cheat on PC then it functions a lot like a real camera can (Except it floats magically in the air, so much better than real camera). There are some cool settings, interesting characters and humorous happenings to get shots of in this game, oh yeah and some of the glitches are funny too 😉

NOW – Let’s talk Contracts!

Let’s start by talking about your Curator Batch. How did you go about choosing/creating/ finding the 10 / 11 contracts, what was your process?
I used detailed programmatic specificity and weeks of replaying old contracts (Thanks, COVID-19!) to come up with the final list.

If this batch has a theme, it’d be ‘variety‘; I wanted to choose contracts that covered every single aspect of this vast game (If that’s even possible), and I tried to spread it across as many maps as possible. Essentially all of these contracts come from the HitmanForum contract thread, it’s really the only place to go if you’re after contracts that aren’t killing the gate guard in the tutorial map. I also like contracts that have a premise to them beyond ‘ just kill these people lel’.

I’ve made it my mission to come up with a variety of contract types the past year, so I’ve also gone through my own to find ones which aren’t a very common category; the rest are from those who have their own types they’re good at making.

With the theme of variety in mind, some of the categories you’ll find in this batch are: Infiltration, Puzzle, Sniper, Loud Gun, Freedom, Speedrun, Explosive, Non-Assassination Skills and Challenge. I don’t like elaborate restrictive contracts, although I put in one that sort of comes close for people who really want to be challenged.

I want the less adventurous players out there who haven’t given certain styles or types a shot to see this batch, play it and go “Oh, I haven’t done that before but I like it” and maybe even learn something new about how things in the game work.

Brilliant idea and variety as a theme is great!

We thought it would be cool to use KevenRudd’s Ansel skills, so we asked him to take a picture for his Contracts and write a little teaser for each:

I Never Wear A RubberWill you overcome breathing problems and make a lot of noise?

Which color has your collar?
Is it better to be a janitor who looks up to bankers, or a banker who looks down on janitors?

What’s That Sound?
If a bomb goes off in the suburbs and no one is alive to hear it, does it make a sound?

How do you feel about taking dead people’s clothes?

Sniper Assassin: Castle Mk II
Can you be a silent assassin from a single rooftop?

Hokkaido Fastball
How do you get around dressed like THAT?

Grand Theft Bosco

Arrive, Hide, Leave
Can you solve a puzzle without fancy gadgets?

Relax and just have fun with this one


Can you fulfil all the conditions?

Ripe For The Picking
Can you figure out the secrets of the vents, or will you do things the old fashioned way?


Now – Let’s go a bit behind the screens here:
What is the one item you always take into a contract with you and why do you like it so much?
There isn’t any one item I take in with me every time, as I play a lot of puzzle contracts in which you have to figure out very specific items to bring; but 95% of the time I take at least either the Silverballer/Krugermeier or Sieker; silenced pistol is good for everything… kills, distractions, causing a panic, destroying cameras, and the Sieker is useful for getting people out of the way peacefully, but mainly is funny

The Silverballer, classic move Mr. Rudd. Please share with us what makes Contracts special for you?
Any game that lets its players come up with content is good in my books. I’ve probably spent too much time in Contracts Mode now (I pray it will be expanded upon in the next game?) but I like all the mini puzzles etc you can make for other players to figure out or have fun with.

Final question Mr Rudd: What makes the perfect Contract?
I dunno about ‘perfect’, but you’ve done a bloody good job if there’s something special or unique about your contract, but doesn’t require super special knowledge of a glitch that only 2% of players know about. Stuff like a contract which can only be done if you make use of the food server function, or makes use of special items/machines in a map like the crane in Mumbai you can drop on people or the air vents in various levels; or an excuse to use loud guns or bombs but still get Silent Assassin, because there’s so many items in the game but they’ll rarely get used because they’re not very stealthy.

Time is almost up KevenRudd, so now is your chance to share or say one last thing before you go. Have at it!
If you like the game but think you’ve run out of stuff to do (I’ve gotten 890 hrs, personally), consider custom contracts. It can hard be hard to sort though and find the good ones, but this thread has lots of tips on how to find them and a categorised list of contracts I like if you enjoy my curated batch, as well as other people’s picks.

Thank you so much for your time KevinRudd, and thanks for giving us and the community the opportunity to get to know you a bit better -!
Thank you, or as they say in Mandarin “Xi xi ni”, Mr Clemens; you’ve given me a fair shake of the sauce bottle and made an old prime minister smile :’)

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