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Curated Contracts: Frote7

February 19, 2020 HITMAN

2020’s Second official Contract Curator is here! He was given the task of picking 10 contracts for you to enjoy! Many of you might know him as one of the Speedrunning-Connoisseurs from all over the HITMAN community. He’s fast, he’s funny and he’s Frote7.

Now, let’s get a little closer to this fast-maniac and find out more about him and the Contracts that he’s chosen to be featured – they’ll be live in HITMAN 2 on Thursday February 20.

Hello Frote7!
Hi IOI friends! Hope you are doing well.

We’re great – and happy to have you as a Curator. Can you give us some intel on who you are?
THAT is Frote7, the clown. Supermodel turned spymaster, turned pirate, turned clown. Quite the resumé.

Quite. Before we get into more details, where can people find/watch/follow you online?
You can find me streaming on Twitch. I upload all my runs to YouTube. Besides that you can find me on Twitter.

OK. First things first: when did you first stumble upon the Bald Assassin?
Watching a friend play Codename 47, did not have a PC myself at the time, but the game looked awesome. First Hitman game I owned myself was Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

What about your favourite Hitman game, and why?
Has to be HITMAN 2016. Simple reason is that it’s the game where I had the most fun with, and put the most time in.

A solid choice. What about the most recent game; what’s your favourite map from HITMAN 2?
If we are strictly speaking HITMAN 2 maps: Miami, closely followed by The Bank. If we are including Legacy, then Paris is still the best map by far.

What’s your favourite moment about the Hitman franchise? This could be anything from in-game to something you’ve seen or made etc.
If we’re talking about in-game, it’s the first time playing Paris. I was so impressed and overwhelmed, felt like a kid in a candy store. Outside of the game it’s getting invited to IOI HQ & the HITMAN 2 event at Gamescom in the summer of 2018. But my upmost favorite moment was: meeting Adoria (my girlfriend ❤️) via HITMAN.

A true Hitman love story. Speaking of other community members, we know that you’ve set-up a “Speedrunning Community”. Tell us more.
It started out as a one time thing: I wanted to organize a Speedrun Competition with some prizes. MulletPride then offered to help me by setting up a Discord for me and making some artwork. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that I was highly motivated to continue.  In 2019, we’ve had 3 big Speedrun competitions, 1 Ghost Mode tournament and a bunch of weekly competitions.

Now in 2020 we’re stepping up our game: The year is divided in 4 seasons, each season consisting of 3 months. Each month will have 1 big competition (including prize money), 2 mini-competitions and batch of our own featured contracts made by previous month’s winners. We also provide lots of live commentary for our big events.

We’ve had the Roulette Rivals event in January, Ghost Mode Tournament 2 is currently underway, and we got Speedrun Competition 4 coming up in March. This week we reached 500 members on our Discord, which is just incredibly awesome!

And the best thing of all? Participating in our events is completely free! So if you want to put your Hitman skills to the test, learn a lot about the mechanics of the game and meet cool players from a very active and friendly community: Join our discord!

We’re obviously happy to see such a popular community take shape – and it’s about speedrunning. Can you share why speedrunning is so great?
This is a very good question, and one that i thought about quite a lot. Is it the competitive aspect? The sense of satisfaction when pulling off a cool run? Getting to truly understanding of the game’s mechanics? The pure joy and entertainment of watching a run evolve over time? A mix of it all? Well, I found this video that touched on some very good points, and explains it better than I could.

But in short: It’s simply very, very fun.

NOW – Time to talk about Contracts!

Can you share your secret on how you went about choosing/creating/ finding the 10 contracts, what was your process?

I started the process by looking at [REDACTED]. In my opinion, when selecting contracts you always have to take [REDACTED] into account, because else you will run into [REDACTED]. Once that is done, I look at which [REDACTED] would add a lot for [REDACTED]. It’s not a long or difficult process, but it’s very important to not forget about [REDACTED].

Aha, guess not – fair 😉 Then can you tell us about the contracts you’ve chosen/ created and why you chose them?
It’s a mix. I’ve picked several from our speedrun competitions since they are simply very good contracts.  I also wanted a good Fiber Wire Suit Only contract in there, and finally picked some quality contracts from masters like Urben and Euler13. Despite people was expecting me to have picked 10 Paris contracts, no go, each map only gets featured once haha.

Smart move! Okay, final question: When you normally start a contract, what is that one item you always bring – and why do you like it so much?
None. It all depends on the contract i’m playing and what I need for that particular one. But the silenced pistol is still the best item/weapon in the game, it’s just so versatile.

Versatile and a classic, love it. Okay, we know we said the final question, but this is the final final question – why the Clown suit?
Haha I feel like it represents my personality  + I think it’s the best out of all the suits. And at this point, me and that particular suit has become inseparable.

That was the all the questions Frote7, so now is your chance to share or say one last thing before you go. The floor is yours!
Want to start by giving a huge shoutout to my admin team: MulletPride, Adoria, Fuzk, Scroobi & Karma! Our Speedrun Community would not have been what it is without your help. Love you guys.

Shoutout to the people helping us to promote our competitions, and to all the great runners! Special mention for my bro Mendietinha ❤️

Last but not least, make sure to tune in for the Ghost Mode Tournament 2 Grand Finals this Sunday (February 23 – 2020)  There will be live commentary for all 3 finals on my Twitch channel.

Hope to see you all there!

On that note, Thank you for your “time” Frote7! 🏃💨
Really? You just couldn’t resist huh? Haha


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