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Curated Contracts: Chaos_Agent_45

June 10, 2020 HITMAN, News

The June Contract Curator is locked and ready. He is a well-known figure on Hitman Forum, and is known for many things, but primarily one – SNIPING. CHAOS_AGENT_45 has some serious skills when it comes to a long-range rifle. Demonstrating this to the fullest when he won the Sniper Assassin Competition on PS4. Now it’s time to get closer, to the man in the nest:

Hi CHAOS_AGENT_45! Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too, this is a huge honor to me

Can you share with us some intel on who you are?
I’m Daniele from Germany,  also known as CHAOS_AGENT_45. Playing on PS4.  I’m a passionate and experienced Hitman player with a focus on sniping, speed runs and creative, unique strategies.

Is there a place people can people find/watch/follow you online?
You can find me on YouTubeTwitch and on HitmanForum as CHAOS_AGENT_45.

Awesome, now let’s talk Hitman. When did you first stumble upon the Bald Assassin?
In the Summer 2016. My neighbor bought HITMAN 2016 when Marrakesh was released. While he was buying some drinks and snacks, he let me play. I was just causing massive chaos at the consulate riot and threw proxy ducks at the crowd. When my neighbor came back, he said: “Play it serious or let it go”. 4 months later I bought a PS4 and the game. This is where it all started. And that’s also the reason for “Chaos Agent”.

The Origin Story of your name, amazing! CHAOS_AGENT_45 – Tell us – why is Sniping so awesome? 😊
May I answer this with a little quad kill video?

Point taken! Can you share your most impressive Sniping move to date?
The most impressive sniping I did are defiantly these two:

The moving double headshot + hideing both bodies (Maison and a Bodyguard) on the roof In Himmelstein. (Also my Sniper Assassin Contest Winner Run). You wouldn’t believe how much time and training that one took. The time window is so minimal, every shot has to be clockwork precise.

The triple Sniper head-shot in the Miami escalation “The Riviera Restoration Level 3”. One of the most difficult multi-kills I’ve tried. I saw the possibility and after hours  – I had all the puzzle pieces together.


You got some serious skills. Let’s store the rifle for a second, and talk more about the games. What is your favorite Hitman game, and why?
I played Hitman: Blood Money, HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2. But my favorite is defiantly HITMAN 2 in its current state. Sniping is at its best, and most powerful. I love the different Sniper Rifle types and their possibilities. We have two silenced one shot killing ,penetrative sniper rifles, that is something I have been wising for, for a long time.

Your favorite is HITMAN 2, what’s your favorite map(s) from that game?
Defiantly Miami & Isle of Sgàil.

So HITMAN 3 is announced! What did you think of the reveal and what are you looking forward to the most for this last chapter of the trilogy?
I’m very happy and excited. I love this game and can’t wait to explore and learn new maps, triggers and NPC cycles + New maps and items, sniping and 1000+ hours of satisfying gameplay.

Great! Talking overall HITMAN – What’s your favorite moment in HITMAN? Can be anything, from in-game to something you’ve seen, played etc.
When I finally got the strategy to work. The strategy that I used for the Sniper Assassin contest. My hands were shaking, and I was so relieved to finally proof what was possible.

And you did indeed pull it off – how was to see yourself as an NPC In game?
It’s very funny and a huge honor. I still cannot believe how good your artists are. It’s really how I look in real life. Spot on.

NOW – Contracts time!

How did you go about choosing/creating/ finding the 11 contracts, what was your process?
I played 98 contracts and created over 20 contracts to test and try them. I looked through the whole Contracts thread on Hitman forum for HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2, and looked through my played contracts history, and favorites. My goal was a mix of freedom contracts, zero mastery needed (except for IT’S TOO EARLY),a fiber wire contract, a pistol contract and as much “any method” as possible and less complications as possible. It should be a batch that can be played with every skill level and play style. Half legacy/half current maps.

Sounds like an awesome mix, with good a variety too! Please tell us about some of the contracts you’ve chosen/ created and why you chose them.
I know that Colorado is not very popular, but Get a Leg up offers two things: The Pointman is the only disguise in the whole game that can openly carry a sniper rifle, and with that, you can be very creative in this contract. You can do it your way.

Little Shop of Horrors is a contract from HITMAN 2016, and was memorable for me. It’s a pretty “easy” but enjoyable SONKO contract.

Feature Dream is a contract by one of the most experienced and talented but underrated contract creators on PS4. White-Half is a player from japan. He created thousands of contracts and the most difficult puzzle contracts I ever played. He is always an inspiration for me as a HITMAN player.

Awesome Chaos, now let’s go a little behind the screens here:

What is the one item you always take into a contract with you, and why do you like it so much (I think I already know the answer here) ?
The ICA EXECUTIVE BRIEFCASE MK II filled with a Sniper Rifle. Why? I think this video will give you a clear answer:

Message received! If you have to be “in general” here, then what makes Contracts Mode so special for you?
It focuses on all the great opportunities beside the main missions. There is so much to explore and combine. It’s like a huge box of Lego, and you can built whatever you want.

Great answer. So if it exists, what makes the perfect Contract?
An “Any/Any” contract with 3-5 targets and no complications, a mix of different NPC types, and space for creativity – and unique approaches.

Okay I have one last question for you: Favorite Sniper Rifle:
Jaeger7 Lancer  #LancerOrRito

It’s also a killer. Okay, now is your chance to share or say one last thing before you go. Have at it Chaos!
A big thanks to my inspirations (mentioned in the briefing of BATCH OF CHAOS), check out Frote’s Speedrun community and hitmanforum for friendly players. I really hope that HandsOfBlood (my favorite German HITMAN streamer) will play one the contracts. EHRE!

Thank you CHAOS_AGENT_45, and thanks for giving us and the community the opportunity to get to know you better !

Thank you very much. I hope this batch will be enjoyable!

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