Anton Andersson is a Senior Gameplay Programmer at IO Interactive Malmö since 2019.

My keys to success

A love for programming and pride in his craft has driven Anton to find success at IO Interactive. He always thinks of ways to improve his craft and wellbeing, both professionally and personally. A key aspect in his recipe for success is developing healthy daily routines. One of those routines involves long-distance running, a fundamental practice to staying physically fit and mentally sharp. Anton’s always up for a challenge whether it’s 10, 20 or even 42 kilometres.

Anton stumbled upon programming at school, and quickly grew an interest in the craft.

“Programming was like building with LEGO to me. I kept adding one piece at a time, and eventually, I had a tapestry. I was sold almost immediately; everything was engaging. Every problem presented itself as an exciting puzzle to solve. Programming was like drawing on a never-ending canvas. Individually, each snippet of code was incredibly basic, but by putting all the bits together I could create anything I imagined. Programming was and remains the greatest source of entertainment, intellectual stimulation and creativity I know.”

“It feels like there is a calm over the IOI studios. The studio has a refreshing mix of both new hires and long-term employees. There is an understanding that life is about more than work, and a healthy work/life balance is actively encouraged.”

From London, With Love

Anton joined IOI on the recommendation of a former colleague at a game studio in England. That colleague is still with IOI as a Lead Gameplay Programmer and working with Anton on Project 007, the first James Bond origin story. Anton was already interested in IOI’s games, and hearing how smooth relocating to Scandinavia was, he was convinced that a move to IOI was right for him.

Initially, Anton was working from IOI’s Copenhagen studio, and the bulk of his time has been spent working on Project 007. He’s now working from IOI’s Malmö office, but still on the same project and with the same team.

Teamwork, camaraderie and the well-being of employees in the larger context of sustainable game development are all areas that are part of Anton’s personal development plans. Again, it’s about the bigger picture, just as it is about the daily work towards project goals.

“I take a lot of pride in my work. Often this directly translates to the code that I write. But to an increasing degree, it also involves looking at the bigger picture. Looking at the direction, we want to take with our tech. We see the collaboration patterns between teams and how they can be improved. I want to help ensure that my team members and I are aligned in our search for improved quality.”

“I feel supported here, and that's all I can ask for.”

The Way Forward

With Project 007, Anton spends his weekly work hours on IOI’s future challenges. At the same time, IOI is working for Anton’s future too. We’re always looking for the best talent and fit for our teams and culture. In Anton’s words, it’s the support that he needs to succeed.

“IOI enables and encourages me to be a better developer. The direction we are taking with our future projects will require a lot of new tech, new ideas and a lot of work. But it feels like IOI gets it and understands the challenge. I wholeheartedly appreciate the work culture at IO Interactive. In my opinion, this is one of the company’s strongest pillars. The health of the employees always come first. This has been the case for my entire employment, and I have not seen that change. I feel supported here, and that is all I can ask for.”

As Anton is looking ahead, he aims at becoming a better programmer, colleague and person. “I look forward to enabling others to do the best work and be part of something much larger than myself. I also look forward to becoming better at sharing my knowledge becoming a more mature and collaboration-focused person.”

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