Community Focus – Hatch

Community Focus – Hatch

October 19, 2017 HITMAN

Curated Contracts in HITMAN are all about giving our community the chance to pick out some of the best contracts and getting them Featured for all players to enjoy. Each month, we ask one member of the community to pick out 10 contracts and we add them to the list of Featured Contracts in-game.

Our next Contract Curator is here! His name is Hatch and he was tasked with picking out 10 of the best contracts that the community have created. Luckily, he agreed.

Now, we’re ready to find out more about him and the contracts that he’s chosen to be featured – they’ll be live in the game on October 20th!

Hello Hatch!

Hello IOI and Hitman fans.

Can you give us some intel on who you are?

I am a 29 year old Graphic Designer and long-time Hitman fan. I have been playing Hitman pretty much since its inception and I am currently loving HITMAN (2016), which got me into speedrunning. Around 18 months ago, after being accused of cheating by some players on the PS4, I decided to start making videos of my gameplay and also to use the forums more, where I made some good friends and haven’t looked back since.

Where can people find/watch/follow you online?,,

Please tell us about some of the contracts you’ve chosen and why you think they deserve to be featured?

The majority of these contracts will offer the player a fair amount of freedom in their decisions, and then there are some great puzzle types thrown in too. The batch is intended to be relatively simple, stress free and most importantly, fun. Some of the contracts have interesting backstories behind them too, I think?

For those players that like the puzzle types, you’ll want to keep an eye out for “The Portman Shuffle” which was created by Urben, the puzzle contract master. It’s a 2 target contract, set in Hokkaido, involving thrown scissors.

And for Marrakesh, “Sending a Message” where you have to kill the Prisoner with an Assault Rifle while wearing your best suit. For an extra challenge, see if you can do it with a loud rifle!

How did you go about choosing the 10 contracts?

I took full advantage of all the best resources available to me, which were; some good friends that collectively have 10’s of thousands of hours in the game, the Contract Search function in-game, Kotti’s awesome contract database – and of course, the Members Contracts Thread on

I didn’t have a problem finding good contracts, but to find something that feels different to the myriad of existing Featured Contracts and Escalations, because IOI have done such an amazing job with feeding us content every month, that was tricky. I feel confident in my choices though, and I think there is something for everyone, no matter your play style.

What is the one item you always take into a contract with you and why do you like it so much?

The Breaching Charges. They are easily the most useful item in the game. They can open doors and safes, destroy electrical sockets, winches and ignite fire barrels, as well as kill, distract and lure NPC’s, and even launch weapons and items across the map. There are very few contracts where they aren’t useful for something.

As the third Contract Curator, how did you enjoy the other Curated Contracts chosen by Mendietinha and Mungadungalis?

Mendie and Munga know both the game and the players very well and it was evident in their choices as I enjoyed their batches thoroughly. Difficult to follow up on.

I think my favourites had to be “The Closter Calculation” by Monkey_Triads (chosen by Munga) which had 47 killing 4 targets in Sapienza, in the suit, any method for 3 targets and 1 kitchen knife restriction which I thought was a nice touch.

And, I also loved “Bodyguard Hater” by GuLe (chosen by Mendie), even though it has Sophus Fatale as a target, and he isn’t a bodyguard 😉 it can be played in so many different ways, and since this game is all about replay-ability, it’s a lot of fun. GuLe knows how to make a top quality contract.

If you could choose one location for 47 to visit in our next Hitman game, where would it be?

I think London would make for some incredible Hitman gameplay. Offering an almost endless selection of disguise possibilities and many varied, interesting places to explore. You have everything from hotels to museums and art galleries, to shops and bars, office buildings, theatres, churches etc etc. Plus, it won’t matter that 90% of the NPC’s accents are British 😉

Now is your chance to share or say one last thing before you go. Have at it!

I’d like to thank everyone at Io-Interactive for all their awesome games and for the community the Hitman games have produced. I’m certain that I never would have spent the number of hours I have in this game, if it wasn’t for the community and friends, and this is my chance to give something back. Thank you for asking me to be the 3rd curator, and I hope the players enjoy the selection. Happy killing, agents.

Thanks Hatch!

It’s been my pleasure. Thank you.

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