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Community Focus – BernardoOne

August 17, 2018 HITMAN, News

August is a very busy month for HITMAN and IO Interactive. Take a look at the full monthly roadmap to get an overview of everything that’s coming your way.

Once again, we’ve enlisted a HITMAN player to be our Contract Curator and this month BernardoOne has stepped up to the plate to put forward his best selection of contracts for all players to enjoy. He’s a longtime Hitman fan from the beautiful land of Portugal, and who knows a thing or two about turning rat poison into missiles.

His chosen contracts will be available to play on the 17th of August 2018 – So let’s hear more about them!

Hello BernardoOne! Can you tell us a bit about who you are?

Hello there! I’m Bernardo, from Portugal. I’m a big HITMAN fan, currently working as well as trying to get my degree, and playing a ton of HITMAN in my free time!

Where can people find/watch/follow you online?

People can find me on twitch and youtube. I do speedruns, as well as making the occasional crazy new invention hehe.

This year, IOI is celebrating 20 years of making games and we’d like to know about the first IOI game that you played. Can you tell us about that?

My first contact with the series was watching my cousin play Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002). It looked pretty intriguing at the time, but I never got into it. Years later I was introduced to Blood Money by a friend of mine. She’s a huge fan of the Hitman franchise and lent me her PS2 copy of it. I then fell in love with the game and the series, as it was this wonderful game full of so many possibilities and ways of playing. It became my favorite franchise and HITMAN 2016 solidified that even more.

How would you sum up your Hitman playstyle? Are you all about speed, puzzle, roleplay, etc?

Definitely speed. I’ve been speedrunning the game since the day it came out basically. I also love to find some crazy ways of messing around with the game’s physics and inventing completely new ways to assassinate!

Alright, now let’s talk Contracts; There are thousands of out there, so how did you go about choosing the Contracts for Featuring? 

I tried to mix a little bit. In my selection, there are speedrun focused contracts, puzzle contracts, as well as more challenging and longer contracts. I think it’s good to have a good mix in contract genres to make it an interesting selection.  The Level Menace is a wonderful contract that is a bit more complicated than it might appear at first. Come back down dude is a puzzling contract that can be completed fairly easily in a regular way, but also rewards the ones that come up with a more creative solution. The Showstopper [EX] is a really interesting contract. It’s the same as the original The Showstopper but now with basically every single complication turned on. While this usually results in bad contracts, it works very well in The Showstopper, as the game gives you a ridiculous number of ways of dealing with these targets. It’s a good exercise in creativity under limitations.

What do you think are the necessary requirements to make the “perfect” Contract?

It’s hard to say, honestly. There are amazing contracts of all kinds, from puzzles to speedruns, but also the longer and more challenging ones. They are all different and provide different experiences. In the end, I think, generally, a good contract will provide both a challenge and good design, but also give you enough choice and openness to let people tackle it their own way.

Moving away from Contracts, can you remember the first time you failed an Elusive Target? What happened?

In the elusive target The Chameleon I threw a breaching charge into a gate. It then bounced back to me as I detonated it and it killed me. Ooops!

So, HITMAN 2, Are you excited?

Absolutely! I’ve been playing Season 1 for a long time and I can’t wait to see all the new things you guys have come up with since then!

What are you looking forward to the most in HITMAN 2?

I’m looking forward very much for the new mechanics you have announced and also ones you have yet to announce. Some of the tools revealed so far seem like they will up the creativity even higher this time around. I hope these neat new ammo types from Sniper Assassin shows up in HITMAN 2!

Are you “killing” the wait with some Sniper Assassin?

Oh yes, I’ve played it quite a bit. Though I want some more levels already! The introduction of bullet penetration and shockwave ammo really mix things up!

Okay here’s our last question: Where would you most like to see 47 travel to in a future game?

In terms of countries, I really don’t have much of a preference. But in terms of settings, I’d love to see maybe the following settings: Airport, shopping mall, amusement park, convention center (think of all the zany outfits!).

If there’s anything else you want to say, now’s the time…

Wallbang 4 Ever! ( 😉 )

Thanks for your time BernardoOne!

Thank you for making such an awesome series!


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