12 Days of Contracts

December Curated Contracts

12 Days of Contracts 🎅

December 23, 2019 HITMAN, News

Ho ho ho and welcome to the first batch of Curated Contracts for HITMAN 2.

12 Days of Contracts is a special Holiday version of Curated Contracts that started with a discussion on Hitman Forum started by TheContractor! (A convenient name if ever there was one!) From there, more and more contract elves contract creators were involved and each of them created a holiday-themed contract of their own choosing. Now, we are releasing all 12 of them into HITMAN 2 for all players to enjoy today.

Here on the blog, we’ll be opening a new window on our 12 Days of Contracts Calendar each day and we’ll be giving each creator a chance to talk about their contracts. We’re hoping that this will give you more insight into the creators and the contracts themselves – even if you’ve already played their contract in-game!

Look out for the following Hitman community members appearing here on this page over the next 12 days:

TheContractor, Urben, KevinRudd, PEA, AgentJames, Sniff, SASO, MrNinjafreak, CHAOS_AGENT_45, Euler13, SANY-72Q and GreekAgent.


On the First Day of Contracts...

Chimney Watchers
Created by: TheContractor

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Bodyguards aren’t notoriously nice, but 3 in the Caruso villa have been especially naughty this year. They keep watching the fireplaces so they can steal other people’s presents. Let’s drop them a present they won’t soon forget!

But remember, Santa’s a pacifist and on the clock so no guns and don’t waste time!

🎅 Creator Biography:
Hi, I’m Thom (aka TheContractor), currently a student in the UK. I got into Hitman when I was a teenager with Absolution. I picked it up for free on Xbox Gold and I used to play the Blackwater Penthouse level for hours, trying stealth runs, kill everyone runs, everything. Then a few years ago I went to live in Hokkaido for a year. I somehow heard there was a new HITMAN and it had a Hokkaido level. So, I picked it up and have loved it since, mainly contract creation.

My contract this December is all about the chimneys. Sapienza has a unique mechanic of being able to blow up fireplaces by dropping propane flasks down chimneys. So this contract is all about becoming Santa and delivering some ‘presents’ to a few naughty NPCs. But don’t try and fit down the chimney, you’re not the real Santa.



On the Second Day of Contracts...



Süßer die Nacken nie klingen
Created by: Urben

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Families, couples and friends come together to share warmth and closeness.
It is cold and dark outside, and even if we are all well, we should not forget that there are people who cannot be at home this night. They work at this time, so we don’t have to. Some even return to a cold, empty house when the shift is over.

Let us think of these people. And if we can, we should also give them warmth. And closeness.


🎅 Creator Biography:
I’m Urben, I love this game and decided to put my dedication into bending the limits of it. I often build Rube Goldberg machines to kill my targets creatively and put the results into videos.

As these things are hard to pull off and I still want people to enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game, I also spend much time at creating contracts. I always try to condensate it down to a specific, unique task you never happened to come across before. And if the contract offers room for different solutions without tedious work, then I call it a good contract.

This time, in my contract “Süßer die Nacken nie klingen” (a play of words on a German Christmas song), you have to snap necks. You probably did that a lot of times before. But you will learn here that snapping necks of conscious targets is actually loud enough to be noticed. I am eager to see how you kill them behind the bar in Paris when after every kill the next target decides to join your party!
(And if you don’t like the contract, feel free to find my NPC on Haven Island and give me a proper feedback. 😜)

Have fun and happy holidays!


On the Third Day of Contracts...

Die Hard: Rangan Tower
Created by: KevinRudd

🎄 Contract Briefing:
47, Our client is a former policeman Don McCain, who usually performs his own operations but has decided to finally retire for good. He’s outsourced his work to us now.

Make your way through Rangan Tower to notorious baddie, Dawood Rangan, and drop him off the building to his death. you will also need to shoot your way there in a series action-packed gunfight sequences, all on Christmas Eve.

The client has requested you wear the “Lynch suit” to carry on his legacy

Happy trails, 47


🎅 Creator Biography:
Hi I’m Kevin, I’m from Australia, and I’m here to help you have a good time in Hitman™. Ever since I failed to become UN Secretary General I’ve focused my efforts on coming up with the best missions I can for HITMAN players.

I’ve decided to recreate one of the most classic Christmas movies, Die Hard, in Hitman™ 2. Instead of Nakatomi Tower you’ll be travelling to Rangan tower, where you have to shoot up some baddies with a pistol and SMG and push the villain off the tower to his death, all while preferably wearing a dirty white tank top. 

On the Fourth Day of Contracts...

Jingle All The Way
Created by: PEA

🎄 Contract Briefing:
We need to get rid of Turbo-Man so our man Howard can take his place later.
Merry Christmas to y’all!

🎅 Creator Biography:
Hi everyone, I started to play HITMAN cause a guy sent me a picture of 47 and asked me what I thought about it (???). I said “looks too serious – is that a game?” – Yes, you can download the Free Starter Pack.

So I downloaded it, I liked it and I bought it!
To this day, this is the game I play the most, because of the possibilities of creating contracts + I really like to solve puzzles.

For this Christmas series I was debating between Jingle All The Way from Arnold and Home Alone – killing the two theives in Paris with some kind of fire accident and falling object like in the movie with the same name, but you can’t create a contract there, so I did “Jingle All The Way”.

Hope you have fun with it and Merry Christmas to y’all!


On the Fifth Day of Contracts...

Santa’s Little Helper
Created by: AgentJames

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Local biker Santiago “Santa” Carazco keeps a list of who’s naughty and nice.

Apparently, these four were on the naughty list for not paying their “cookies and milk.”

Santa needs these targets wrapped up for this Christmas; be sure to hide the bodies so they will not be found until the special day!

Make note to wear the appropriate suit for the occasion 47.

Happy Holidays!


🎅 Creator Biography:
Hello everyone!

My name is Kenny, and the first Hitman game I played was the original Hitman 2 back in 2002 on the Gamecube. A lot has changed since then, but Hitman is still great!

Even though I have played Hitman games for such a time, I had not ever joined any of the forums until this year…I just had to get one of my contracts featured for this game!

As for this specific contract, I wanted to present a theme that could blend with the other holiday contracts without making it a real holiday contract. A lot of people have different beliefs, or celebrate holidays other than Christmas, so I made the story about a biker nicknamed Santa.

The complications were added to make this a little “spicy.”

On the Sixth Day of Contracts...

Office Christmas Party.
Created by: Sniff

🎄 Contract Briefing:

Twelve crazy contracts, with one special spot;
sends agents to the land of an embezzlement plot.
‘Twas Christmas Eve, being all warm & hearty;
the Swedes created an epic office Christmas party.

With Erik to be drowned and Lasse to be stabbed,
Magnus and Emil believed there was still fun to be had.
Getting out propane and an instrumental anachronism,
placed themselves in of pure opportunism.

With all of you agents & your homicidal obsessions,
make this a contract that defines your professions.


🎅 Creator Biography:
So, hey y’all, my name’s Sniff! To those on the forum, you probably know me as a contract-creating enthusiast all the way from New Zealand, playing since April-ish 2018, starting with Absolution.

A little more about me, I’m a freelance screenwriter and stealth gamer who has played PlayStation since 2012 and joined the forum January this year.

My contract, “Office Christmas Party”, is a merry and rather crazy contract, based off the 2016 film of the same name. In a nutshell, the contract’s supposed to be a way to enter a world of assassination in the most merry and goofy way possible.

The contract looks easy, but takes quite a while to finish, unless you’ve played it a few times with a route in mind. I hope everyone here has a great time playing my contract and an even better December.

Good luck and merry Christmas, agents.

On the Seventh Day of Contracts...



Christmas Presents
Created by: SASO

🎄 Contract Briefing:
These good boys have gone to bed on-time, ready to have their stockings stuffed with all manner of exciting gifts. Two of them even want to share! Unfortunately, the other soldiers know you’re coming, and are staying awake to try and get a glimpse of you.

Make sure you don’t let any of those naughty boys see you, and definitely don’t try and put them to sleep yourself; our legal team is still fighting the assault charges from the last time you did that.


🎅 Creator Biography:
I am SASO from Australia and I make joke contracts – my own brand of Aussie larrikinism. If I see or think of something stupid, I’ll try and make my own version of it. I’ve made contracts with regicide, identically named targets, food kills (sorry-not-sorry), no targets, stealing a worn disguise without kills or knockouts, and one to drown our own community manager, Clemens.

In this contract you have to leave presents (i.e. explosives) for the three sleeping soldiers in the Marrakesh school… and then blow them up, ideally just before exiting the level.


On the Eighth Day of Contracts...

The Christmas Krampus
Created by: MrNinjafreak

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Leave two gifts, leave a corpse in the freezer and drag a victim
down to hell.

That’s how he rolls.


🎅 Creator Biography:
I’m from Norway, which is a Scandinavian country in Europe (basically Sweden’s neighbour country). And during my spare time I’m usually spending it creating YouTube videos, which also includes creating HITMAN contracts.

You can say that I like to entertain people while doing it creatively.
It wasn’t always like this though, I used to be into sports.
But one day I realized that I don’t belong in any kind of sport environment, so I started with movie making instead.
I was heavily inspired by YouTube music videos from 2005 – 2009.
However, copyright strikes can be a problem if you’re the new guy with no knowledge about it.
I guess you can say I learned the hard way since I moved over to video game movies a few years later or less after starting my YouTube channel, which decreased the risk of getting strikes at the time.
So anyway, I was invited (thx for that btw), which is the reason why I ended up here making a Christmas gift for you.

Enjoy 12 Days of Contracts and happy holidays!

I was looking for Christmas inspiration when I randomly stumbled into one of these Kill Count videos from Krampus 2015. He’s basically the opposite of Santa/Evil Santa, kinda. According to the video Krampus likes to give people gifts, freeze them to death and… He likes to drag his victims around  He also have this “kill” I guess were he send this kid down to some kind of hell. Anyway, the stuff you will do in my contract are inspired by > The Christmas Krampus’s kill methods. At least the one used in Krampus 2015.





On the Ninth Day of Contracts...

Dinner for One
Created by: CHAOS_AGENT_45

🎄 Contract Briefing:
By the way, the same procedure as last year Miss Washington?

The same procedure as every year Constantin!

Well, I’ll do my best!

Cheers Miss Washington!


🎅 Creator Biography:
Santas elves stole this biography 😱

On the Tenth Day of Contracts...

How the ChGrin Stole Christmas
Created by: Euler13

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Santa is not impressed! Whittleton Creek is his favourite stopping place because of Helen West’s famous Christmas muffins.

They are to die for! But the Ch(ildren)Grin(ders) have been at work. Five evil elves disguised as bin men have lured all the unsuspecting kids into their “magical sleigh ride”, a.k.a. garbage compactor. It’s too late for the children here, but Santa wants you to kill the wicked elves before they move on and ruin his supply of Christmas treats elsewhere.

Merry hunting, 47.


🎅 Creator Biography – ish…
Of course we’re used to never seeing children in a Hitman game, but I always found the Griswold property quite eerie. All the children’s toys lie around in the back garden, but there is not a child in sight.

This was the inspiration for the contract: a cross between the concept of the Christmas Grinch figure, who stole the fun from Christmas, with the story of the pied piper of Hamelin, who led all the children away, never to be seen again. Consequently the setting, including the briefing, is particularly grisly.

I’m hoping that the sight of the evil elves lounging around in the Griswold property, the “chief” demonic elf leaning up against his ill-gotten sports car, and the final two despicable elves standing next the “magical sleigh” will anger those who play this contract enough to serve some brutal justice on them.

The kill requirements for three of the targets have been carefully included to add a layer of challenge to the contract and hopefully make it a fun puzzle to solve.

Merry hunting, 47s!

On the Eleventh Day of Contracts...

Created by: SANY-72Q

🎄 Contract Briefing:
The 47th! Go to Hokkaido! The patient of the Hokkaido Clinic, who has schizophrenia, believes that he is healthy and wants to be discharged, but first he wishes to cure five schizophrenia patients from this disease. Work 47th!

🎅 Creator Biography:
Hi everyone! My name is Alexander, I am 47 years old, I am from Russia, from the city of Omsk. It’s a city with 1 million inhabitants.
I am a versatile and creative person, modest and calm. I have 2 dan on taekwondo, and I have been engaged in sports in more than 20 years.

I ‘ve also been doing wedding videos for 15 years, making movies and clips.
I have a daughter and two sons. There’s almost no free time. At the moment, filming/ creating / editing wedding videos is my fulltime job.

I only play the HITMAN games, and it allows me to distract me from the everyday life.

On the Twelfth Day of Contracts...

Created by: GreekAgent

🎄 Contract Briefing:
Last Christmas, Rico wrote a letter asking for an expensive sports
car. Santa delivered his wish, expecting that this gift would change
his mind about the coca production. Apparently, Rico keeps
dreaming of “White Christmas” in his own naughty way. He is now
on the infamous double checked list along with 3 neither nice, nor
Wice Men of his guard. Get your Santa Suit & act before the
magic is lost. Make it all look like a Ho-Ho-Horrible accident.
Don’t forget to retrieve the car.
Merry Christmas 47!!

🎅 Creator Biography:
Greetings, Agents !!! I am Pavlos (Paul) , I’m from Greece , I am a mathematician and I love HITMAN.
I joined HitmanForum last year as GreekAgent and I am thankful for being part of a great community!!!
Totally fascinated by 47’s world with Hitman2:Silent Assassin back in the day , I eventually kept following his traceless path and HITMAN2 intrigued my 30year-old-self into making contracts and trying to think (deadly :D) out of the box , with its amazing creativity freedom!!!
I hope you’ll have fun playing as Santa at my Santa Fortuna contract, which combines my favorite Accident Kill method with the concept of taking back gifts from naughty kids who are on the list!!!

Happy HoHoHolidays !!!

This is my Santa(fortuna) submission for Christmas!!Rico and his guards have been acting naughty all this year and Santa has them on his list!!! Ho-Ho-Horrible accidents he delivers & takes back all gifts delivered!! I originally created this to showcase an easy way to drown Rico outside mansion before the doorbells ‘‘jingle’’ him away  . Eventually this evolved into an open ended multi-accident challenge!!!
Many combinations of accidents can be achieved including drownings, explosions, electrocutions.
Rico can also be double-killed with each of the other 3 targets. HoHoHo

Start point is the bus, smuggled point provided right away & useful items in the level are the propane flask & car battery nearby. More propane flasks await at mansion and another car battery at garage. Water puddles, motorbikes and cars can be used & weapon drops found by others can manipulate specific guards into moving…
You can be fast and creative at this or you can play it safe as you will have to take Rico’s Car Keys to escape!!I playtested this with just a gun in my hand and got away SantaAssassin rating
I hope you have fun with it and can’t wait to see my 3:26 time beaten!!

Merry Christmas


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